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Wrinkles: How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Skin?

Wrinkles: How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Skin?

Wrinkles: How Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Skin?

Do not fancy wrinkles? But a smooth-browed botox head or facelifting scars should not be? Then a treatment with hyaluronic acid is just right for you. Your skin looks smoother and younger, as fresh after a relaxing holiday. It looks better, but not manipulated. At least if an experienced specialist physician was working at the injection molding.

You have the choice: cream, capsules, injection or a gel, which is incorporated with ultrasound. The decision depends on the depth of the fold, the desired amount of change, and the money bag. Hyaluronic acid is also used to enlarge certain parts of the body, such as the lips and the breast. Here you can find out the possibilities to use the popular smoother, which you have to look out for and what it costs.

What Causes Wrinkles?

Even at 25, the metabolism of the skin begins to slow down. The supply of oxygen and nutrients decreases. The degradation products are no longer transported away as quickly. The formation of the collagenous and elastic fibers, ie, hold and contours, recede. The fetal cells in the subcutaneous tissue are reduced and the skin becomes thinner. Also, the body hyaluronic acid, which binds the water, becomes less.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is actually not an acid, but a polysaccharide, ie a long chain of sugar molecules. This explains their high binding power for water, per gram whole 6 litres. Hyaluronic acid is found almost everywhere in the body. Most, namely half, is stored in the skin. There, it creates volume by its own substance and the binding of moisture. In the joints, it ensures that everything runs smoothly. In the jaw of the intervertebral disc, it binds water at night and swells up. The pressure of the day keeps them bravely. Some liquid still occurs, so we are 1-2 centimeters smaller in the evening than in the morning.
In medicine and cosmetics the sodium salt of the wrinkle smoothing, the sodium hyaluronate, is used. Whereas in the past Hahnenkämme and other animal substances were selected as starting materials, hyaluronic acid is today synthetically manufactured. This reduces the risk of an allergic reaction to a minimum.

What are the effects of creams and gels with hyaluronic acid?

Even when the sugar is only applied externally, it shows its effect. Although it does not penetrate into the deeper skin layers, it cushions the horn layer with its own volume and the moisture it binds. You just have to apply it every day. The higher the content of hyaluronic acid, the stronger the effect. The structure of the sugar is today divided into ever smaller fragments, which are better absorbed by the skin. She appears fuller and younger. Quite naturally, without side effects and punctures. Do it yourself mini-lifting every day.

Is it possible to intensify the introduction of the wrinkle gill as a gel with ultrasound?

The smaller the fragments of the sugar chain molecule, the greater the chance of penetrating the skin barrier and reaching even deeper layers. Hyaluronic acid then lasts longer. It supports the collagenous and elastic fibers in the leather skin and thus has more effect than the larger molecules, which simply bind more water in the uppermost horn layer. Ultrasound not only promotes blood flow and mobilizes the skin’s metabolism. It also causes the formation of shorter fragments of the hyaluron molecular chain when combined with a gel. The filler can reach deeper into the skin. In addition, ultrasound helps the gel become more fluid, penetrates better into the horny layer, and is anchored with it. Ultrasound plus hyaluronic gel are much more effective than the sole application of cream or gel. Ultrasound and also lasers increase the effectiveness of the moisture-binding sugar, but are still far from the lasting effects of an under-injection.

What happens with a hyaluronic acid injection and when is it necessary?

If you want to treat deeper nasolabial and facial wrinkles or want to refill your facial parts with volume, you need an under-injection. Only in this way can the filler, as these substances are called, be placed on the deep skin layers. Depending on the preparation it helps 4-12 months to a younger appearance. Then the filler is completely absorbed by the body and it must be re-injected. In addition to the direct effect of hyaluronic acid, the stimulus of the injection and the substance itself should stimulate the new formation of skin tissue.

What are the advantages of a pleat injection in comparison to other methods?

Hyaluronic acid is very well tolerated as a corporeal substance. Regardless of the type of application, the wrinkle treatment works naturally. Creams, gels and even an ultrasound device for self-treatment are moving within an affordable framework. It is only necessary to invest more in the case of under-injection. The risk of side effects of the injections, such as bruises and swelling, rarely from dents and nibbles, can be minimized by the choice of an experienced specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, even if he only uses the syringe and not the knife. And even if it rarely comes to knots, they are reversible by the injection of an antidote, the enzyme that degrades hyaluronic acid. In the back room of hairdresser and beautician the result is uncertain. In addition, they must not perform any injections.

Who is not allowed to have a wrinkle injection?

Contraindications are pregnancy, an allergy to the preparation or against drugs and anesthetics, the still rare application of preparations from cockcake etc. the allergy to chicken egg white. Also serious diseases, the intake of blood thinning medications like Marcumar, an autoimmune disease, also in the immediate family, as well as a Lippenherpes at the planned injection site speak against a pleated injection.

What is the cost of a pleat injection?

The price depends on the preparation and the quantity that is used. For smaller wrinkles you get with 250 euros. The average price for a pleated injection is about 350-400 euros. Depending on how deep the wrinkles or the incipient skin parts are, the costs can also be significantly higher.

What is the use of hyaluronic acid preparations?

The intake of the capsules is much slower. You have to wait at least 4 weeks for the first successes to be recognized. They affect the whole body. It also benefits the joints and intervertebral discs. Capsules with at least 100 mg of hyaluronic acid are recommended. Users report that their skin image is significantly improved. Well suited for people whose fold depth is still limited and who do not feel like spraying.

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