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Wonders of Garlic: Benefits and Cures of Garlic

Wonders of Garlic: Benefits and Cures of Garlic

Garlic, apart from salt, can give every dish an important seasoning ingredient. But that’s not all. Garlic is a very good remedy for health. Antibacterial properties, as well as positive effects on the vessels, make garlic to the healing plant and miracle tubers. More about garlic in the following post.

Description: Garlic

Garlic, whose scientific name is Allium sativum and is commonly known as Knofel, Knobblich, Knuflook or Knufauk, belongs to the plant family of bulbous plants. The original home of garlic is the Middle East as well as Southern Europe, where the cultivation takes place in large style and can be harvested in the late summer.

The use of garlic consists primarily in the use of garlic as cooking utensils, although not everyone likes the taste of garlic. Garlic is particularly beneficial to health since it acts against arteriosclerosis, which makes it so valuable in this case, because there are only a few medicinal plants which can work in vascular constriction. Garlic is said to reduce deposits in the blood vessels and prevent new deposits. Indirectly, garlic can therefore also be considered as a prophylactic measure against the development of hypertension, myocardial infarction and stroke. Garlic contains the ingredients essential oil as well as allicin. The healing effect of garlic is: disinfecting, antibacterial, cramp-enhancing and secreting-enhancing, which can cover a wide range of applications.

  • high blood pressure
  • resistance increase
  • indigestion
  • bloating
  • stomach weakness
  • constipation
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • general bacterial infections
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • anorexia
  • Treatment for warts

Anyone who wants to benefit from the health-promoting properties of garlic should consume a clove of garlic daily, preferably roughly, about five grams of garlic. Because the content of Allicin is volatile, it is recommended that the use of garlic be added to a dish immediately before consumption. Scientists have also found in laboratory tests that garlic inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi and even have a slightly antiviral effect. A herbal antibiotic which, contrary to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, has no effect on the swallowing of synthetic tablets.

Regular consumption of garlic is also important, since it is said to be able to inhibit cell damage and the development of tumor cells thanks to its antioxidative secondary plant substances. Statistical surveys have been carried out in a series of animal experiments which suggest that garlic reduces the risk of cancer could. With regard to gastric and colorectal cancer, this assumption is considered to be well-documented.

In the following, however, it should be noted that self-diagnosis or self-medication alone is not sufficient with the use of garlic and the consultation of a physician and the medical diagnosis and treatment are indispensable, so that garlic is not over-estimated as a “miracle against everything” should.

The garlic fragrance: this helps with the garlic orgy

Sometimes it overcomes one and the so-called garlic flag shows that the food eaten the evening before. And then the work colleagues have something of garlic on the next day. But how to avoid the garlic smell, which may be perceived as unpleasant for the opposite?

Some tips may help:

  • the hands, which have strongly taken the garlic odor, can be rubbed off with lemon to achieve a smell neutralization
  • chewing coffee beans, fresh parsley or chervil is recommended
  • to neutralize the garlic smell can also contribute: cloves, milk, red wine, a grated apple with a spoon of honey
  • the thawing of cardamom seeds after garlic-rich food is recommended by the Chinese, who are known as passionate garlic recipes

For the “unpleasant” smell of garlic, by the way, the health-promoting ingredient Allicin is responsible. Under oxygen, allicine, chemically diallyldisulfide oxide, disintegrates into other sulfur compounds and causes the typical garlic odor to develop. In a recent study by Ohio State University, one could actually prove scientifically that the garlic smell can be reduced by the consumption of apples, lettuce and mint leaves. The odor reduction effect of milk could also be demonstrated in another, previous study. Sometimes, however, it seems to be comforting with the fact that the food was extremely tasty and you have to walk around for a while as a living garlic tuber.

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