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Popular women’s haircuts for everyday life are characterized by being fashionable and practical at the same time. Whether at work or in your free time, the subtle cuts are made with a few simple steps and can be turned into an exciting eye-catcher with exclusive accessories if required.

Everyday women’s haircuts and hairstyles for long hair

Long hairs are feminine and sexy, but they often have to be tamed in everyday life, especially when doing manual work. Special cuts are hardly necessary for this, as long as the hair is cared for right up to the tips. Then they can be tied together to a practical “ponytail” – this classic has already established itself on the catwalks of the fashion world as one of the trend hairstyles 2012. To make a ponytail, the hair on the neck is either tightly or loosely bundled and held together with a hair elastic. This hairstyle is completed within a few minutes and therefore made for the everyday life of most women. By means of colourful colour accents or noble accessories – such as fashionable hair ties – even the simple ponytail can become a real eye-catcher.

Women who spend a bit more time on everyday styling should turn to the braids. These are ideal to fix the hair perfectly even without hair gel or spray. Braided hair braids can be styled in countless ways – a simple bun at the back of the head is just one of many possible variations:

  • Braided plait on the side
  • Wasserfallzopf
  • French plait
  • Dutch Braid
  • Kordelzopf
  • Round quilted pigtail

Women who like to wear their hair openly can add more elegance to their hair with loose waves and complete the look with a fashionable hair band or a gorgeous hairband.

Hairstyles for chin-length and short hair

Also in the field of short hairstyles for women, there are some practical variants for everyday life. These can be prepared quickly in the morning with the help of hair gel or wax. Straight hair turns into smart hairstyles by emphasizing single strands with the styling product of choice or by smoothing all hair. In just a few minutes, the popular woollen hairstyles with attractive asymmetry or elegant business looks are created. Individual strands can be pulled into the face so that one eye is covered and emits a mysterious flair afterwards. With a little more effort, mousse, a hair dryer and a round brush, the smooth look of short hairstyles can be loosened up with a considerable amount of volume.

Chin-length hair loves Bob hairstyles because these can be styled without much effort, but with all the more volume. For this, the hair is shaped with a round brush. This haircut looks casual and elegant when the pony is styled on the side and the hair curves inwards with a graceful swing.

Woman haircuts for the professional life

There are some important rules regarding hairstyling in everyday working life. Of course, the hair may also be practical and fashionable in the office at the same time, but it must never seem exaggerated or even shrill. The business look does not give much leeway to choosing colour accents or hair accessories. For example, strands in blond or red that match the type are perfectly permissible – bright colours like pink or blue, however, are not recommended. Of course, hair may also be tied to the office to the ponytail or braided into a French braid and held together with hair ties or clips. The accessories used should be rather subtle.

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