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Around three-quarters of all Austrians need glasses – and this is growing. The reasons for this are seen by experts in the increased use of computers, laptops and smartphones as work equipment. If you look at the screen all day, your eyes are tense. In addition, you must constantly focus on the screen and objects in the distance, which often leads to an overload of the eyes. Help with eye problems creates contact lenses or glasses.

When should one go to the control?


Who cares about his health, should make a regular appointment with the ophthalmologist. For the ill-sighted, an annual check is recommended. However, you should consult an expert if you have so far been able to manage without a visual aid:

  • Difficult to read fine print
  • Distant objects appear out of focus
  • Generally blurred vision
  • You see distorted objects
  • A permanent headache without any other medical background
  • Regular flicker in front of your eyes

People who see objects in the vicinity sharply, perceive objects in the distance as blurred, are myopia, in the opposite case farsightedness. In age-related presbyopia, both forms are present. If a refractive error is diagnosed, the choice between glasses and contact lens remains.

Why glasses?

Most people who see poorly opt for glasses. Many shy away from introducing a foreign object into the eye. Although there are already technically sophisticated models like Dailies Aquacomfort Plus. There are moisturizing and thus excellent wearing comfort, the majority prefers the glasses. Especially women can often get used to the frame at the beginning. Finally, you look completely different with a pair of glasses. Make-up is no longer appropriate because the eye area is partially obscured by the glasses. However, the traditional Sehbehelf also scores with advantages. This includes protection against dust and pollen. A pair of glasses has less of a burden on the eye, as it affects the visual performance from a distance. The glasses can also carry women during the flu period when the nose runs and the eyes water. However, not every woman sees the glasses as a fashion accessory. Some do not want to get used to the new look and therefore opt for contact lenses.

The advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses

Almost all contact lens wearers you can not see that they wear a visual aid. Unless they opt for fashionable coloured contact lenses to change the eye colour. Unlike glasses, contact lenses do not fog up, it is guaranteed in almost every situation free view. Sporty women also appreciate that contact lenses do not slip. Special models can even be worn in the sauna and swimming pool without any harm. Another positive thing to note is that as a contact lens wearer, you do not have to invest in new sunglasses. You can just wear the old model over the lenses. However, one must deal intensively with the care of the lenses. Who is for monthly lenses in the evening, after removing the thin slices, place them in a special liquid container. More practical in this regard are daily lenses that are simply disposed of after use. However, there is a lot of garbage because contact lenses are supplied in a protective package. In addition, the cost aspect comes to day lenses cost the bottom line relatively much. Allergy sufferers often need to change to goggles during the pollen season. In the already irritated eyes cause the contact lenses sometimes pain.


Contact lenses require daily care and adequate hygiene measures. Only in this way is safe and trouble-free use guaranteed. However, the lenses do not change the look, women can make-up as usual and do not have to adapt their outfit to the design of the glasses. However, spectacle fans sometimes see their visual aids as a colourful eye-catcher and know their eyes well protected in every situation. Whether the glasses or contact lenses are better depends on the personal preferences, the sensitivity of the eyes and last but not least the way of life. Athletes sometimes get along better with contact lenses.

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