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Why we spend so little on food

Why we spend so little on food

Why we spend so little on food

Especially the food prices in Germany ensure that Germany compares the cost of living in the international comparison as “favorable”. Especially with food, some discounters dominate the German market. Comparatively expensive are Switzerland, where food is well over 50% above the EU average, and Norway, where food costs twice as much as the EU average. Is it simply because of the low prices that you spend in Germany for food? Or are low food prices a result of the fact that Germans just do not want to spend a lot on ‘daily bread’?

Similar to the question: “What was there first, the chicken or the egg?” Is also the question to see if the prices for food in Germany are so low, because the Germans spend so little or do the Germans just because of that little for the diet because food is so cheap in Germany?

So what is the cause of cheap food prices in our country?

First of all, the facts: In Germany, 15.6 percent of the income is spent on food. As a country with a relatively ‘strong’ gross domestic product (GDP), private consumption in Germany is relatively low. In order to obtain an average value, the Federal Statistical Office used and averaged the values of all 27 EU Member States. Based on this EU-27 average, the distances in percent to the EU average were plotted. For Germany, a figure of 1.8 percent above the EU average was calculated.

Statistically speaking, in our neighboring country Poland only about 57% of what one spends in the Federal Republic of Germany. That’s a surprisingly high difference and really little for food! If your gaze wanders to another neighboring country, you realize that you have to spend around 41% more in Denmark than in frugal Germany. If one then compares these two with each other then it becomes clear that the Danes have to spend almost 2.5 times as much on the way of life as the Poles. What is too little for food?

Also interesting:

What has long been ‘normal’ in many countries is only now coming online so slowly in Germany: the online order with delivery service from the supermarket. Which online market is best suited depends first on where you live and on the other what exactly you want to ‘shop’. Of course, it starts with what you are generally willing to spend on food.

Spend less on food – on the internet?

Anyone who specializes in packing ‘bargains’ in the discounter, for example, purchases the heavily reduced goods again on Saturday shortly before closing time, will probably have to spend more and more in the online shop. However, if you usually have to go shopping during peak hours or rush hours, you probably will not have enough time to compare prices. Since it could be easier at home on the PC to find out the cheaper deals. Please remember always: Even if you understandably want to spend little on food – the quality must not be neglected.


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