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Not only as a New Year’s resolution does a healthy diet play a role! Because far too fast are the well-intentioned intentions forgotten and the inner bastard lets us resort to chips & Co. again. “You are what you eat!” Nobody would refuel in his expensive car inferior oil and bad fuel, the fear of repairs and high workshop bills ensure that we treat our vehicle with care. It looks quite different with your own body. The heart, our organs, and the entire organism perform true masterpieces every day that no technical device in the world could perform. And yet it is normal for us humans that our body “works”. Only then, when he just does not do that anymore, so he no longer “works”, begins a rethinking. It can be switched off with a versatile and healthy diet many diseases and Zipperlein aged from the outset. Prevention is, therefore, the motto.

5 times a day! Namely fruits and vegetables!

But what does a healthy diet look like? The golden middle way would also be the ideal here. Because, of course, even small sins are allowed. Nobody needs to get along without their chocolate or sweets right away, but it’s the dose that counts. It is based on whole-grain products that fill you up for a long time and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. 5 times a day. Dairy products provide vital calcium and you should not forget about drinking. Most of us drink too little. When meat is allowed to be quiet abstemious, more than once or twice a week, the animal protein supplier does not land on the plate. Lean white meat is always preferable to red meat. Potatoes, pasta, rice, cooked vegetables, all side dishes that taste and fill you up. And that’s exactly what matters: We all eat too much! Whoever manages to stop when he is full, is on the way to the ideal weight. And with a healthy diet, it actively prevents diseases!

The healthy diet and more exercise = healthy lifestyle!

Just as you treat your car with care and take care of your children’s health, you should not forget about yourself. Too often, everyday life and all the stress have a firm grip on us. Since it is then convenient to push the frozen pizza from the discounter in the oven. But does this finished product actually taste good? And is it good for my body? When fresh food is often served in the home’s four walls, the whole family benefits from it. And even this juicer, which has been standing unnoticed in the corner for many years, is deducted! Especially children love freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices and the fruity drinks are made in no time at all. And who then spices his meals with fresh herbs instead of tons of salt, sugar and flavours,

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