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Which foods stimulate fat burning

Which foods stimulate fat burning

 Natural fat burners are found in some foods and can contribute to the burning of fat when consumed at high doses. In this article, we present you 6 natural fat burner.These foods are, of course, only supportive, and the consumption alone without an all-round healthy diet with a sufficient calorie deficit does not lead to the big customer success. However, the cunning use of these natural fat burners can be the tiniest thing on the scales.


decrease with sharpCapsaicin is contained in red chilli and pepper, especially in black pepper. This substance can increase the body temperature and thus have a positive effect on fat burning. Everyone who likes hot food can safely confirm this warming effect. However, caution is also needed here: too sharp can also be harmful to health and attack the mucous membranes.


L-carnitine is a very well-known dietary supplement and can be purchased in capsules or in liquid form. However, you can save money on this supplement if you are not vegetarian or vegan. L-carnitine is abundantly contained in red meat such as lamb, beef and game. L-Carnitine can increase fat burning by up to 13%, especially when combined with exercise.

Green tea

teaGreen tea has almost no calories and is suitable as a watchmaker in the morning. It has a stimulating effect on our circulation and should therefore not be drunk in the evening. The contained catechins help against fat deposits in the liver and the body and help to improve fat burning. In addition, green tea contains many antioxidants, they protect our body from free radicals and thus also from cancer.


The particular nutrients contained in eggs make them an indispensable ally in the fight against superfluous body fat. These include vitamins A, B, D, E as well as the minerals iron and zinc. Above all, zinc can have a positive influence on the body’s production of testosterone, which can also have an effect on improved fat burning. Eggs are, of course, a good source for biologically high-quality protein, which can also promote fat burning.

harzer cheese

This cheese has an extremely low percentage of fat compared to other types of cheese. For this, however, it is rich in protein and thus an optimal part of a diet that aims to burn fat and build muscle. Unfortunately the taste and also the smell are a little habituation. The alternative would be cottage cheese .


coffeeCaffeine is not included for free in almost every fat burner product. It stimulates the metabolism and helps us to grow daily up to 100 kcal. in addition to burning. This makes it a very effective natural fat burner. An espresso or two normal cups of coffee are sufficient to achieve this effect. The coffee should be enjoyed black, please refrain from milk or sugar.


The above natural fat burners can positively influence fat loss. It is therefore superfluous to take any fat burner pills.
If you want to permanently lose more body fat, try a ketogenic diet . Carbohydrates are greatly reduced and more protein and fat are added, which can bring the hormone budget into a fat burning mode. There is less insulin released, growth hormones and testosterone can do their job better. The team has created a low carb nutrition plan .

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