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What you can do against dark circles

What you can do against dark circles

What you can do against dark circles

Where the dark circles come from, we have clarified in the previous post ” Myth or medicine – Eye margins of too little sleep “. Now, of course, the question is how to get rid of them. Because if there are triggers, then you can usually eliminate these triggers. In addition, there are a few tips for a quick help. So what can you do against dark circles?

Quick help against dark circles

“For quick help z. B. cooled tea bags with black tea, or coffee soaked cotton pads that are placed on the lower eye area for ten minutes. It pulls the blood vessels together, they do not come out and the dark shadows are softened. ” med. Wolf-Gunter Steinmetz (Specialist and Head of the Practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Würzburg).

Elsewhere you can read the tip of lukewarm tea with camomile tea to soothe the skin. Teaspoons or eye masks from the ice compartment have a decongestant effect and cucumber slices relax the tissue, making it more elastic.

Dark circles – permanent prevention

Disposition, illness, stress and lack of sleep may be factors that favor dark eye margins. But “this also includes wrong eating habits, increased alcohol consumption, too little hydration or too little fresh air,” says Monika Ferdinand (Chair of the Association of German Beauticians in Bexbach, Saarland).

In the diet, iron plays an important role in providing good oxygen transport in the blood. Ferrous foods include meat, legumes, eggs or wholemeal flour.

“Good care prevents the formation of small surface cracks. This makes the eye area look better on the whole, “says Reinhard Gansel (dermatologist at the Laser Medicine Center Rhein-Ruhr in Essen).

In any case, drinking a lot, having enough sleep and exercising regularly is beneficial if the ocular margins are not genetically determined.

TCM and homeopathy for dark circles

The Munich TCM doctor Dr. med. Wolfram Schwarz advises movement, fresh air, healthy nutrition and, of course, sleep. “If the dark circles do not disappear after a few weeks, this indicates a malfunction in the kidney function circle,” Black. “That does not mean that you have a kidney problem, but that an event literally went to your kidneys.”

According to naturopath Norbert Kellner “more than 60 homeopathic remedies come into question” to prevent dark circles. Therefore, an accurate history and consultation should take place here before.

Concealer against dark circles

So that no make-up settles in the small wrinkles under the eye, you should not use a foundation and concealer apply even in thin layers.

The beautician Monika Ferdinand even recommends that you use only special creams for the eyes. These are only lightly dabbed and not triturated. You have to gently tap it in with your fingertip from the inner corner of your eye.


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