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What to do after a wasp sting?

What to do after a wasp sting?

What to do after a wasp sting?

“The largest allergenic potential has wasp stings,” Matina Herholz (dermatologist and allergist from Frankfurt)

Regardless of which insect it has stung, in principle applies: If the affected limb swells strongly after the sting, you should definitely consult a doctor quickly. If, in addition to the severe swelling, skin rash, itching, shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpitations or swelling of the face and mouth occur, you must even call an ambulance. It could be anaphylactic shock.


One of the most unpleasant side effects of summer and alfresco eating is that a wasp approaches and lands on the food. The attempts to drive off the insect, however, are usually not easy. Why? The natural reaction is probably beating and waving. But that’s exactly how the wasp feels threatened. You can be stung.

What to do after a wasp sting

First of all, the sting, if it should have been stuck, must be removed. However, by no means should you press the spot, because then the poison spreads even more. The best way to remove the sting with tweezers. Remove it with tweezers. Of course you can also have the sting removed by a doctor.

“A cool, damp cover can work wonders,” says Herholz. A wet, cold cloth soaked in water or dilute alcohol can cool well. Of course, this is also very good with ice cubes, if they are not too cold. An onion slice or a piece of lemon helps against the itching, because they not only cool but also moisturize. However, ingredients could also irritate affected skin.

In general, one should resist the temptation to scratch the itchy spot, because that only makes things worse. It could even form an infection. If the skin redness gets bigger, it can be a sign of an inflammation or allergic reaction that a doctor should look at.

A doctor can tell you which creams and gels with antihistamines can relieve the itching. Cortisone preparations work more intensely and also reduce the inflammation.

If they have been stung in the mouth or throat once, then helps to suck for first aid ice cubes and cold compresses around the neck to lay. However, a doctor should be consulted immediately. If someone who is allergic to wasp venom has been stung in the oropharynx, then an emergency doctor should be requested.


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