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What to do about sleeping problems

What to do about sleeping problems

What to do about sleeping problems

As with any medical or physical problem, one thing to keep in mind is research into causes before treating symptoms! If you complain about the symptom “sleep problems” and resort to sleeping pills as a quick fix, you do not like it. Therefore, it must first be recognized why one does not sleep as desired. But even before the “Why?” Comes the “What is the problem?”. If one recognizes his symptoms correctly, one can go on causal research. Anyone who knows the cause of his complaints can do something about it.

“What are the sleep problems?”

In this and the following article, we will describe 8 symptoms and then explain what this symptom is about sleep or lack of sleep or not restorative sleep. Then you can proceed in a targeted manner. The 8 symptoms are: 1. Sleep-through disorders – Early awakening, 2. Lack of concentration and listlessness, 3 Constant tiredness, 4. Unintentional falling asleep, 5. Snoring with occasional breathing pauses, 6. Restless legs, 7. Nightmares & Co. and 8. Bleakness & loss of appetite.

1. Sleep through or early awakening

Almost every person experiences from time to time a night with bad sleep. This is often due to burdens, whether private or professional. This alone is not a cause for concern. It gets more serious, however, if you have weekly, so regularly sleep problems. Possible causes include greatly varying times when you go to bed or get up, sleep a day, alcohol, nicotine, working into the night, stimulating drinks or certain medications.

2. Lack of concentration or listlessness

Sleep problems can have far-reaching consequences. Concentration problems can have enormous consequences, professionally or privately. The same applies to listlessness. In any case, you have to recognize the cause. Both organic and psychiatric causes can usually be treated well.

3. Constant tiredness

The average sleep requirement is about 7.5 to 8 hours per night. If you regularly allow less than 6 hours of sleep, you may experience problems with tiredness or decreasing concentration during the day. The exception is people with severe depressive illness. They often feel tired and exhausted despite hours of adequate sleep. Another exception may be “snorer”. If you snore, you may also suffer from breathing pauses. There may be sleep apnea syndrome.

4. unintentional falling asleep

The first cause may be fatigue resulting from lack of sleep. Those who sleep well and yet fall asleep unwellly from tiredness during the day can suffer from sleep apnea syndrome. Somewhat rarer is the neurological disease narcolepsy. Here is the unwanted fall asleep accompanied by lively dreams and cataplexy (sudden muscle weaknesses).

If any of the symptoms described are present, it is advisable to consult the family doctor. If necessary, a neurologist will also have to be visited. The following article is about 4 more symptoms of sleep problems.


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