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What does our brain do in our sleep?

What does our brain do in our sleep?

What does our brain do in our sleep?

There are mental tasks that are started during the day and have to be stopped by the brain during sleep. It’s about sorting our memory, analyzing experiences, consolidating what we have learned. The fact that there is mental activity during sleep is explained by the fact that we are dreaming. Of course, after the awakening the dreaming can remember only partially or not at all. Nevertheless, the dream is often associated with intense feelings and accompanied by vivid images. But that’s not the only thing.

Our brain is highly active while we sleep. It changes in a rhythm of about ninety minutes between more or less strong activity. During sleep, it also comes to very important hormone secretions. In the first part of the night, for example, the growth hormone, which is very important for the regeneration of the body’s cells, is released. Even the first part of sleep can be assigned the so-called “healthy sleep”. By exchanging certain messenger substances, the immune system also regenerates. Melatonin is released throughout the night.

We make decisions in our sleep

During sleep, the brain processes the experiences of the past day and prepares for the behavior to be countered. Research shows that a decision is made by continued sleep activity.

The decision taken in the brain during sleep also takes into account earlier experiences. The brain ‘questions’ its own past back to childhood. In order to process new impressions and to be able to remember them later, we simply need sleep.

That’s why it’s important for learning. The things that we have newly learned just before bedtime in the evening, are the first thing in the morning in our sense. Only caution: Not to sleep is not a solution! For those who do not sleep forfeit 40 percent of their ability to learn new things.

So we save what you have learned. What we have repeated and learned during the day repeats the brain as we sleep. As a result, it is committed to real. It then comes to corresponding biochemical changes.

What you know about dreaming

Although dreams occur in all four phases of sleep, we rarely remember them. Phase 1 is falling asleep. Phase 2 of the non-REM sleep followed by phase 3 of the “Rapid Eye Movement” sleep, or REM for short. Finally, wake up (Phase 4).


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