ViktoriaSarina: All information about the creators

ViktoriaSarina: All information about the creators

ViktoriaSarina: All information about the creators

Viktoria and Sarina are two creators from the vicinity of Graz in Austria. On their joint YouTube channel “ViktoriaSarina” they regularly upload funny videos and give their 1 million subscribers (as of August 2017) an insight into their friendship. Every Tuesday and Saturday comes to a new video – their channel consists of DIYs, Hauls, Vlogs and lots of fun.

ViktoriaSarina: You hated yourself earlier!

Since the kindergarten, the two girls are BFFs and spend each free second with each other. But did you know that they previously did to hate could? Only when the two were surprised by a sudden thunderstorm while playing outdoors and needed a shelter did they become friends (BRAVO reported) . At that time their common love: horses! Then they drove together in the riding holidays.

ViktoriaSarina: BFFs, influencers and book-writers

In the spring of 2017 Victoria published (also called Viki) and Sarina her first book ,, Spring in a puddle! ” . This hands-on book is a mixture of inspiration and diary and even became Amazon customer.

ViktoriaSarina: What was in front of YouTube?

Before they launched their YouTube channel, the two ran a blog . It was all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle – According to Viki , “Everything we would snap these days”.

ViktoriaSarina: A heart for dogs

#doglover: Both girls own a chihuahua. And the two dogs are even sisters! Billi’s name is Sarina’s dog and Zuri’s name is Victoria. The dogs are both four years old and were born on 19.11.2012 and 20.11.2012 . They live since February 2013 with their owners. Viktoria on Zuri: “I’m just happy to have her and to be able to cuddle everyone, every day with her !! Just as I could just watch her for hours, playing, sleeping, eating, … – I can not get enough of her cuteness. ” Sweet, is not it ?!


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