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Urology: Pain in the Testicle Causes & Treatments

Urology: Pain in the Testicle Causes & Treatments

Pain in the testes can be an early warning sign for diseases of the male genitourinary tract. But a serious disease does not always have to be the cause of testicular pain. How do testicular pain manifest? How are testicular pain treated? More about this in the following article.

What are testicular pain?

According to a survey conducted by urologists, one in two men in Germany might be affected by testicular pain or discomfort in the prostate during the course of his life. Testicular pain is not to be regarded as a specific disease, but rather as a symptom which can be attributed to various disease patterns. For this reason, the diagnosis and differential diagnosis is not always very clear. Testicular pain can manifest as abdominal pain as follows:

  • Pull
  • pressure
  • sting
  • Severe feeling in the testes
  • radiating pain in the inguinal region

Accompanying the testicular pain can also be associated with: redness and hardening of the testicle. Depending on the cause of the testicular pain, the duration and intensity of the pain may vary. However, it should be made clear that the intensity of the pain does not make any statement about the possible severity of the disease or does not allow conclusions about the severity of a disease.

Causes of testicular pain

While in acute trauma, for example by a fall associated with a bruising or impact on the testes, for example by a soccer ball during a sporting activity, the cause is almost explainable for the resulting testicular pain, testicular pain can also occur spontaneously and for anxiety to care. Testicular pain can indicate a disease of the urogenital tract and should be clarified by a urologist if persisting. The trigger for testicular pain can be very diverse. The following causes include:

  • Testicular infections caused by bacterial or viral infections, which can spread on one or both sides
  • Testicular pain after sexual intercourse
  • Testicular pain caused by varicose veins and inguinal fractures
  • Testicular pain caused by stones in the ureter / kidney
  • Testicular pain caused by twisting of the testis (hodentorsion)
  • testicular cancer

The most frequent cause of testicular pain is the inflammation of the testicles, which usually occurs in conjunction with a bradycardia, which is why there is talk of epididymoorchitis in the medical usage of speech. This can be caused by viruses and bacteria, which can spread on one or both sides and contribute to the development of acute as well as chronic testicular pain. An acute testicular inflammation is often caused by mumps virus. Testicular pain due to a twist of the testis, the so-called torsion, must always be regarded as an emergency and must be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid permanent damage to the testis and sterility. In the case of the torsion of the torsion, both the feeding blood-vessels are pushed off by the inversion, and the flow of blood is interrupted, and the sperm-cord is “throttled.” Other causes of scrotal pain may include inguinal hernias, renal cataracts or varicose veins on the hodensack but also due to testicular cancer. In the case of testicular pain after sexual intercourse, there is usually no cause for concern since these are usually only temporary and have been caused by a long-term maintenance of the erection.

Treatment of testicular pain

Depending on the diagnosis, different treatment options are required: in case of a cooling effect on the testes, cooling and the use of pain-relieving medication is recommended. In case of testicular inflammation, a drug treatment with antibiotic treatment and anti-inflammatory drugs is recommended. In the case of a testicular rotation, usually caused by overmobility of the testes within their sheaths and their suspension due to anatomical anomalies, an operative procedure is always to be carried out. In the case of ureteral stones, a surgical procedure may also be required, depending on the size of the stone; sometimes even a small amount of medicinal treatment may suffice. A groin fracture, which can also cause testicular pain in men, is also to be treated surgically usually by a net implantation to the remedy of the inguinal hernia. Testicular pain caused by varicose veins on the hodensack, also called varicocele, can be remedied by the varicose veins being sclerosed by small surgical procedures. Varicose veins on the hodensack can be caused by a blood accumulation due to a defect of the venous lobes in the testicle vein as a common cause or a congenital vessel wall weakness. In the case of testicular cancer, an individual treatment form, depending on the stage and general condition of the patient, is to be selected. Scleral cancer requires urgent medical treatment: in the case of an early treatment the chances of healing are more than 90 per cent.

Testicular pain should always be taken seriously by those affected. It is important that these are always clarified by a treating physician and a diagnosis is made and treated accordingly. If a testicular pain persists for more than two hours or if the pain increases, consult a doctor immediately.



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