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By the term “smoothie”, people who are conscious of health have been calling a creamy or creamy mixed fruit drink since the 1980s. The term, as well as the idea, come from the USA. When making a smoothie, the drink mixer uses whole fruits; the core of the fruit, as well as the shell, remain unprocessed. He puts the fruit puree or the pulp into a blender and adds – depending on the recipe – fruit juices. Often a banana forms the basic ingredient.

Smoothies are available on request in the following variants:

  • Fruit smoothies consist exclusively of the pulp of a fruit variety and fruit juices,
  • Milk smoothies; Milk replaces a part of the water,
  • Yogurt smoothies; use natural or fruit yoghurt,
  • Smoothies with nutritional supplements (vitamins, proteins, minerals), among athletes with the term “booster” described in more detail
  • Ice Cream Smoothies; Exceptionally refreshing in summer
  • Green smoothies

A green smoothie is especially healthy

A “green smoothie” consists of about equal parts of fruit, leafy vegetables and water. From you planted or wild herbs give the drink the certainly added value. The fruit brings the sweet taste and the green vegetables provide the colour. In addition, salads, leaves, herbs, spinach and Co. contain many trace elements, minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. These vital substances strengthen your immune system, regulate vital functions and much more.

Nutrition coach Roman Firnkranz runs an informative and competent website on ” Green Smoothies “. The Austrian has been working intensively on the subject of healthy nutrition for the last six years. Currently, he is writing a diploma thesis on the subject of green smoothies.

Tips, answers, recipes, experiences …

He publishes on www.grü / the theoretical background knowledge – without overstraining scientific – as well as numerous practical tips for beginners or advanced. You can find information on the website about which fruits and vegetables you use and which ones you do not. The author describes in detail the interactions between different components. The selection of botanicals is easier if you first look at the website.

The author highlights the topic from all sides to the last detail. He answers all sorts of questions about the subject and reports on his own experiences after one year of green smoothie consumption. There are a number of recipes for beginners and advanced users on the online website. On a bottom, the author introduces three Green Smoothies Mixer. A detailed description, as well as practical assessment, will provide the reader with the information he needs if he wishes to supplement or replace his existing home appliance. For starters, a blender is enough.

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