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Top 10 Tips for losing weight

Top 10 Tips for losing weight

For a start, some tips from us to lose weight

  • Take your time while losing weight. The kilos did not come overnight, so they do not disappear so fast. Discipline and patience bring you to the goal.
  • To lose weight and keep weight, eat 3 balanced meals daily and 2-3 full snacks. Omission of meals slows down the metabolism and makes weight loss difficult.
  • Sum up your daily activities. Even if you do not have half an hour for exercise time: 3 times 10 minutes of exercise to lower blood pressure and body fat reduction are just as effective.
  • Use head at salad buffet: In addition to healthy fruits and vegetables often hide high-calorie dressings and mayonnaise, fat sausage, meat or cheese. Choose carefully: eg instead of blue cheese dip rather balsamic dressing.
  • Do not forget: all calories count! Even “light” products, fruits, vegetables and drinks have calories that make you fat too much.
  • Weigh yourself only once a week. Daily weight variations are inevitable but demotivating. A better measure is whether the pants fit or pinch.

Food for the brain
You’ve also thought about tasting the controversial Atkins diet? The book “The Atkins Risk” highlights the risks that make extreme nutrition dangerous. Anyone who ever thought of making an Atkins diet is really cured here: scrambled eggs with bacon and cordon bleu with hollandaise sauce as much as you like – the Dr. Diet diet. Atkins promises sumptuous food and weight loss at the same time. It would be too nice, if you lose weight with excessive food!
In fact, scientific studies have come to the conclusion that people who avoid carbohydrates lose weight better than those who do a conventional diet. Can that be correct?

The book gets to the bottom of the paradise of paradise and provides a sound and exciting analysis. It deciphers the statements of the journal articles and dismantles Atkins allegedly scientific foundations. Risks are shown that bring about Atkins’ dangerous extreme nutrition. Well-known experts have their say, and informative digressions enrich the reading.


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