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Good tips against cracked fingertips are not only in demand in winter. While this season is more likely to cause the rough and chapped skin on the hands than any other, working with fabrics that remove both fat and moisture from the skin can cause unpleasant problems throughout the year.

The causes of cracked fingertips

The rough and dehydrated skin on the fingers is not only unsightly but can also take on painful dimensions as soon as there are cracks and eczema. The causes of such problems are many. Thus, the cold weather and the harsh wind in the winter months are poison for the skin on the hands: they remove their fat and moisture and destroy bit by bit the “water lipid coat”, which protects the skin and keeps it supple. Working with moisture-wicking fabrics and harsh chemicals also attacks this coat and overrides its natural protective functions.

Tips against cracked fingertips

There are some home remedies that can help against cracked fingertips. Even a small linseed oil cure can lead to a relief of the problems. The fingertips are bathed for ten minutes in a bowl of warm linseed oil, gently dabbed and then protected with cotton gloves. In order to achieve the optimum effect, the beneficial substances should be able to work overnight. Therefore, it is convenient to apply the linseed oil bath in the evening. This is true for most creams and ointments – the longer they can act directly on the skin, the better they help.
Other substances that can help against the cracked skin on the fingertips:

  • Melkfett
  • Creams with chamomile or aloe vera
  • vaseline
  • Marigold albums
  • olive oil
  • Evening primrose oil

Foam creams with urea have proven to be extremely effective. The concentration of this substance should be at least ten percent.

Prevent cracked fingertips

In winter, regular moisturizing creams protect the skin on hands from dehydration. Wearing gloves is also recommended, as the hands are no longer exposed to the cutting, icy winds of this season.

When working long and often with aggressive and dehumidifying substances such as water and detergents, careful skin protection should be a high priority in order to avoid cracked fingertips. Although work and rubber gloves provide some protection, this alone is not enough to effectively prevent skin dehydration. It is important to apply a protective cream before the start of the work, which reduces the harmful effects of the substances on the skin. As soon as the constant handling of liquids can not be avoided, this protection is also quickly removed, so hands should be re-creamed every two hours during work. After that, the hands are washed briefly but thoroughly and provided with a care product.

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