The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach

Going romantic – why? “Love goes through the stomach,” it says – but is it really so? What does body chemistry show?

Clearly could not clarify the origin of this saying yet. But it probably comes from the time when there was a very conservative, traditional division of roles between men and women. Until the 1960s, it was common practice in most families for the husband to work, providing money to the family. The wife, however, stayed at home and took care of the household, as well as a good meal for the family. It was a good meal long as a proof of love of the woman for her husband.

What was once supposed to arouse and preserve the love of the man, is no longer so traditional in the distribution of roles today. Men also cook their women with culinary delicacies today. After all, a good meal makes everyone happy!

Love goes through the stomach – the meaning of the proverb remains unclear. However, it is clear that eating together is fun. And that it takes a lot of getting used to having to eat alone again after a period of communal meals. But what happens in the body when you fall in love?

If someone is in love, then they have a feeling in the abdominal area, which is often described as tingling. “Tingling in the stomach” or “butterflies” in the stomach, once even described as “planes in the stomach”, indicates a reaction of the body to very special feelings.

Love activates happiness in the reward center of the brain. By the way, a delicious meal in the same center will make you happy. But can food really make you feel as strong as love?

Love – molecular and cell biological effect

Infatuation as an intense sense of affection is also referred to as the popular psychological term limerence. When a person falls in love, a lot happens in the pituitary gland, the larger part of the pituitary gland. Messengers that play a role then:

  • Dopamine: also known as happiness hormone, this hormone causes euphoria.
  • Adrenalin: Better known in medicine as the stress hormone epinephrine increases heart rate.
  • Endorphin: the body’s own opioid peptides suppress the pain stimulus.
  • Cortisol: stress hormone with anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects. Also, the effect of adrenaline is enhanced.

Endorphin and cortisol, in particular in interaction with the other messenger substances, can cause intoxicating feelings of happiness and deep well-being.

Does love go through the stomach? This is in the view of the beholder. A delicious meal naturally contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and can produce certain happiness hormones. In addition, science could not establish a compelling connection.

The role of the community in eating

“People have an inner desire to eat together. So they look for the day groups that satisfy their need for it, “says the nutritionist Christine Brombach (Zurich University of Applied Sciences). “Having a meal together not only satisfies physiological but also emotional needs.” No radio, television or mobile phone can change that today.

Nevertheless, it remains true: Eating with someone else is fun. This is not only true for lovers but for the whole family! Studies show that meals with parents together promote the physical and psychological well-being of the child. Canadian scientists also noted (study of 26,000 adolescents) that children who do not eat with their parents at the dinner table tend to retreat, are particularly anxious or overly agitated and aggressive.


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