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The top 3 fat burner supplements

The top 3 fat burner supplements

The top 3 fat burner supplements

If you want to get rid of excess body fat, do not miss a healthy diet and a sports program adapted to your own needs. A combination of carbohydrate-reduced diet ( low-carb diet ), fitness training and muscle building have proven themselves.

In order to reduce the effort and accelerate the burning of fat, many people who are willing to take part in so-called fat burner supplements, in the form of tablets or powders. These dietary supplements are designed to accelerate fat burning of the body. They are marketed under different names, such as: diet pills, appetite suppressants or fat blockers. A proper overview can be found here , for example.

But what can these products really do? Are there risks? And how much do the products cost? We present three well-known products from the fitness scene: a change of metabolism, a saturator and a “fat stopper”.

In athletes circles much is talked about Lipo 100 by the company Body Attack. These fat burning tablets boost the metabolic activity and thus bring fat burning to a standstill. However, hardly anybody can trace his successes solely to the use of Lipo 100.

The experience reports come from the majority of athletes who regularly train and the fat burners supplement the training. The recommended dose is six tablets a day. Many test persons report of the increased sweating through the intake. This is certainly due to the sweat-producing ingredients such as caffeine, green tea or ginger. In addition to these natural ingredients, the product also contains dyes and release agents.

If you want to speed up your fat metabolism and increase your athletic success, Lipo 100 is an effective preparation, at least if you are able to believe the test results from fitness circles. Ultimately, everyone must try it out and make their own experiences with it. It is important to be aware of possible risks: the caffeine content of the coffee and the green tea should not be exaggerated with the intake and stop if you do not feel comfortable.

Formoline – prevents digestion of food fats

Another category of fat burners is Formoline L112. The principle of action is based on the fact that fats from the food are not digested and enter the blood stream. Instead, the fat components are excreted by natural means.

Mainly, the tablets consist of polyglucosamine, a natural pulp found in oyster mushrooms and shells. As a secondary effect, this fiber has a slightly swelling and saturating effect. However, the product does not contain any color or preservatives or flavor enhancers.

The manufacturer recommends taking two tablets before high-fat meals. To date, studies have failed to demonstrate the efficacy of Formoline L112 without sports and conscious nutrition. Although the polyglucosamine actually has fat-binding properties, a reduction in weight could not be detected. The diet of most people is just too complex.

Besides fats, most of them take many carbohydrates. Just simple carbohydrates as they are in white flour or industrial sugar, however, rank among the thickeners. Thus, a renouncement of sweets and pastries can have a lot to do. Fats in small quantities do much less damage to the figure.

Testimonies reporting success with Formoline L112 all indicated not only taking the tablets, but at the same time practicing sports with a healthy diet . Anyone who wants to try out Formoline should be aware of possible risks. In the case of sensitive people, the intake leads to diarrhea, nausea or stomach pain. In addition to fats, the main ingredient can also bind fat-soluble medicinal active ingredients (pill!).

Glucomannan capsules saturate for a long time

Glucomannan capsules (or powder) are not a fat burner in the narrow sense. This dietary supplement, due to its strong swelling ability, is primarily responsible for a longer feeling of saturation and can thus slow down the heat stroke.

It is a starch-like substance, which is obtained from the vegetable. The European Union has confirmed its support for a diet. Experts recommend three servings daily with about one gram of glucomannan extract.

The product is generally considered to be low-risk. However, sensitive people can react with flatulence or diarrhea. Experts point out that the product is only complementary to calorie-conscious diet and exercise.

The metabolism and therefore also the fat burning can be stimulated primarily by movement. Some food supplements can actually accelerate this process or provide a longer saturation sensation. But they do not produce miracles alone. In addition, side effects are possible.

Tip: Some foods have a beneficial effect on fat digestion. These include ginger, coffee, green tea or chili peppers. If you train regularly and incorporate these foods into the diet, you have a good chance of getting rid of unnecessary pounds.

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