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With the pineapple diet, it should come within a few days to high weight loss. But can the diet live up to its promises?

How does the pineapple diet work?

With the pineapple diet you can, as the name already suggests, only take pineapple. All other foods are taboo. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is only fresh pineapple. Per day up to 3 kilograms of pineapple, which corresponds to two to three fruits, may be consumed. Canned pineapples must not be used. Since the production of valuable substances of the fruit is lost and usually a lot of sugar is added.

Does the pineapple diet do what it promises?

In fact, in the first days of the pineapple diet, you lose a lot of weight. This is attributed, on the one hand, to the numerous enzymes contained in pineapples, which stimulate digestion and boost fat burning and, on the other hand, their high water content. Like all hydrated fruits, pineapple has a strong purifying and cleansing effect. However, the successes of other crash diets are usually short-lived. Those who switch back to the traditional diet after the pineapple diet usually witness the dreaded yo-yo effect, which makes up for the results within a short time.

Is the pineapple diet healthy?

As with other one-sided diets, it can also come with the pineapple diet to deficiency symptoms. Anyone who only feeds one food for a week or more will inevitably risk a shortage of vitamins and nutrients. The pineapple diet can therefore not be described as healthy. For sensitive people, the consumption of too much pineapple also causes health problems. Allergic reactions in the mouth and stomach discomfort are not uncommon. The reason for this is the high fruit acid content in pineapple. To prevent this, one should pay attention to ripe fruits. A ripe pineapple can be recognized by the fact that the leaves in the middle of the fruit can be pulled out easily.


Although you can achieve a rapid weight loss through the pineapple diet, the results are usually short-lived. In addition, those who eat only one food, provoke a nutrient deficiency and health risks – the same applies to the pineapple diet. However, the pineapple contains numerous vitamins, digestive enzymes and low fat and can, therefore, be integrated as a food during a weight reduction in the diet. But instead of only one or two weeks to feed exclusively on pineapple, you should always put in a day of relief every week to feed only on ripe pineapple fruits. Even a pineapple breakfast can help you get rid of extra pounds in a healthy way.

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