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The man of today pays more attention than ever to a neat appearance and an attractive appearance. He wants in terms of style and appearance of the supposedly body-conscious sex in no way inferior. This ranges from the hairstyle to the correct clothing style. Undoubtedly, a pleasant scent belongs to the completely stylish appearance.

The fragrance for the Lord – a fundamental decision

Designers of all stripes have already thought about the perfect scent for real men. Of course, the preferences of the customers are very different. The spectrum ranges from sporty, usually harsh fragrance creations for every day and every occasion to elegant, discreet notes for the evenings. Most men want both the one and the other, preferably united in a scent. Today’s generation has come into contact with perfume, for the first time, with the classics such as Cool Water or Tabac. Although these guarantee that you will not be wrong, but the man wants more than that, he wants to create his own style.

Today, however, there is first of all the basic decision for the stronger, oriental nuances or, for example, fresh scents, which are similar to those of an aftershave. For the mature man, it is advisable, regardless of the occasion, to fall back on a woody, slightly smoother fragrance. For the young, sporty gentleman, there are fresh scents of Calvin Klein or Bruno Banani. Diesel and Joop! stand for striking, but also lighter fragrances. In this sense, it is advisable for gentlemen who want to smell long and dominant, resorting to fragrances that have more Eau de Parfum quality. For the summertime, you can (if) resort to fragrances of Jil Sander, which applies for years with men and women. The fragrances last a long time but are also fresh and unobtrusive.

And what is the right fragrance for special occasions?

If “man” wants to make an impression through scent – of the woman or on business partners – the scent should not be too strong. Since the individual smell is a matter of taste, you always run the risk that the other feels the smell as penetrating. As a rule of thumb, one could say that what the man perceives as pleasant and elegant is also apt to round off his appearance professionally. In this sense, the perfect perfume for men is always what he likes and complements it and does not overload.

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