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The knee Rehab: Specialization in the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic

The knee Rehab: Specialization in the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic

The knee rehab:

Our orthopedic rehab clinic has focused on “knee rehab.” Performing a correct knee rehabilitation adapted to the specific needs of the knee patient is critical to a speedy recovery and successful return to everyday life.

It is important to see that there is not a one-off “knee rehab”, but that the rehab for the knee in our rehabilitation clinic is always considered depending on the clinical picture (indication) and depending on the symptoms under different conditions in question.

For this reason, we divide the knee rehab into different treatment profiles.

Types of knee rehab:

A rehabilitation focusing on the knee or knee joint , we divide into various types of knee rehab . These types of knee rehab are broken down as follows:

  • Rehab after knee surgery for joint replacement (artificial joints), knee-Tep rehab
  • AHB & Rehabilitation after knee operation , eg
    • Rehab & AHB after cruciate ligament surgery, torn ligament rehab
    • Rehabilitation & AHB Meniscus Surgery
  • conservative rehab for knee osteoarthritis
  • Rehab & AHB after conversion operations

The “Rehab for the knee” is carried out in our orthopedic rehabilitation clinic according to precisely coordinated treatment paths, which guarantee a high quality of treatment. Intensive therapy density, varied forms of therapy and constant monitoring of the course of therapy are an integral part of our treatment concept.

Following the knee surgery , rehabilitation is usually necessary to restore the leg and knee to the required stability and strength. How fast it goes to rehab depends on different factors.

These are often dependent

  • from the patient himself,
  • on the type of knee surgery,
  • from the healing process and
  • from the payee of the rehabilitation measure.

We want to help our knee patients achieve a fast and effective rehab success . That is why our team of rehabilitation doctors and rehabilitation therapists works closely with you as a patient to “make you and your knee fit again.” The goal is that you get back to your daily life as quickly as possible, in sports, leisure and work can participate.

Satisfied with the knee rehab

Our constant patient surveys and standardized quality controls show that more than 90% of knee patients rate the rehabilitation of their knee positively and would recommend their clinic to their friends and acquaintances.


  • Rehab after knee surgery for joint replacement ,
  • knee-Tep rehab,
  • AHB & Rehabilitation after knee operation , 
  • Rehab & AHB after cruciate ligament surgery, 
  • torn ligament rehab,
  • Rehabilitation & AHB Meniscus Surgery,
  • conservative rehab for knee osteoarthritis,
  • Rehab & AHB after conversion operations,

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