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The diet secret of female celebrities is finally revealed! With the help of a protein diet, rapid successes are guaranteed and the reductions in protein costs can be avoided without hunger pangs. Why? Because protein saturates. Heidi Klum does it just like Gwen Stefani and the goal is always a dream body with the ideal dimensions. A diet that is based on protein and enhanced with vegetables provides plenty of variety in the diet. Even protein shakes can completely replace one or even two meals. Nevertheless, a change in diet is necessary so that you do not immediately recover the lost pounds. However, the chances are good with a protein diet, because it keeps the cravings within limits.

Why does protein make you so slim?

High-quality protein is low in fat and is, therefore, the best basis for a conscious and healthy diet. Proteins saturate for a few hours, so you can get along well with just a few meals during the day and you must not be hungry when losing weight. Also, the metabolism is boosted by the protein-containing diet. The dreaded muscle loss that threatens any diet can be compensated with the protein meals. And since musculature always burns calories, there is no danger of starvation. Protein is found in legumes, lean poultry, soy products and fish. And of course in dairy products. The best protein diets promise not the only short-term success, but the desired weight for the years to come:

  • Almased protein shakes are easy to prepare, and cooking is spared. The cost factor is a bit higher!
  • Protein diet after David Kirsch: This man helps Hollywood to a dream body!
  • 3D Lagerfeld is named after the well-known fashion designer, who lost countless kilos with his protein diet. Here, however, the permitted calorie number is drastically reduced.

Slim thanks to protein diet

But what about a typical day during a protein diet? With a breakfast of eggs, no matter whether it’s a stir-fried or fried eggs, you start the morning. Also, ham and tomato are allowed. At lunchtime, lean meat or fish with a side dish of vegetables comes on the plate. In the evening it goes around with a colourful salad plate and strips of chicken breast. For the small appetite in between, it may be some nuts that provide valuable fatty acids at the same time. Even more information about the protein diet in general and in particular you read on and on the net. Above all, the rapid weight loss speaks for a reduction diet, which is based mainly on proteins. Once the first pounds have disappeared, never to return, However, you should switch to a balanced mixed food. The body needs important vitamins and nutrients to lose weight. And they are mainly found in fruits and vegetables.

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