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The best abdominal exercises with the weight bench

The best abdominal exercises with the weight bench

The best abdominal exercises with the weight bench

Show off with a well-trained “six-pack” on the beach or in the pool – which man does not dream of it. That this is a dream in most cases is not unjustified.

In order to get a really visible six-pack, a lot of discipline, training and especially the right nutrition are needed. But what is the structure of the abdominal muscles, which exercises are suitable for training them and what should be taken into account in the diet?

The structure of the abdominal muscles

Together with the chest and back muscles, the abdominal muscles form the trunk muscles. It is divided into two parts: the superficial and the low-lying part.

The middle abdominal muscles include the straight abdominal muscle and the so-called pyramidal muscle. The lateral part of the abdominal muscles consists on the one hand of the transverse abdominal muscle and the outer and inner abdominal muscles, which run obliquely and both left and right.

Exercise abdominal muscles with the weight bench

On a weight bench, the abdominal muscles can be relatively easily trained effectively. As with any muscle-building exercise , care should be taken that the exercises are controlled and clean.

Example exercises

Here are a few exercises that can be used to effectively train the straight and lateral abdominal muscles with the weight bench:

  • Sit-ups on the weight bench

An effective and probably the best known exercise are the so-called “sit-ups”. Here, the trainee lies down on the flat weight bench (be sure to infer a non-slip floor mat !). For example, the legs may be raised and angled so that the feet are on the ground or in the air – both versions should be repeated over and over again. Only with the abdominal muscles is the upper body pulled towards the legs. A lot of importance should be attached to a slow downward movement.

Tip: To exercise the lateral abdominal muscles, the upper body can be easily turned to the left or right.

  • Floating sit-ups with the weight bench

Advanced users can also perform the sit-ups in such a way that the upper body is not laid on the floor after the positive load. Instead, he is barely lowered – until shortly before the ground – and the next repetition is carried out.

Tip: If this is not too difficult, you can hold the repeat position, where the abdominal muscles are the most stressed, for 3 to 4 seconds.

  • Sit-ups with weight plates or dumbbells

A very effective, but slightly heavier abdominal exercise is the sit-ups with weights. The design is the same as the one described above – but we do this exercise with a dumbbell or dumbbell / dumbbell pressed to the chest, held up with arms outstretched.


– Ab exercises can be practiced much more effectively at a professional sit-up bank .

– Here is an overview of popular and popular abdominal training devices that are relatively compact and ideal for training the abdominal muscles.

Especially important for a defined six pack – the right nutrition!

Significantly more important than the training is the diet . The abdominal muscles only come to light when a body fat percentage of 10 to 12 percent is reached. In order to reduce its body fat percentage, weight training is recommended in combination with endurance sports and proper nutrition.

In particular, a lot of protein should be consumed (about 1.5 to 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight). In addition, a daily calorie deficit is necessary to reduce the body fat percentage.


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