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The beer belly is also genetically determined

The beer belly is also genetically determined

The beer belly is also genetically determined

Many men accumulate more and more kilos with age: the life preservers are getting more and more annoying and the beer belly bigger and bigger. A study gives a startling explanation for the extra kilos in their prime age – and it’s not about sports obesity or fast food.

Scientists have known for some time that starting from 30 it is becoming increasingly difficult to lose weight. Dr. Jay Chung of the American National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has now found in a study that an enzyme carries complicity to the Wampe.

Although older people tend to eat less, they usually increase. If it is according to Dr. Chung goes, but will soon be less kilos: “There is a genetic program that is driven by an overactive enzyme and promotes a gain in weight in middle age”. “DNA-protein kinase”, in short “DNA-PK”, is the enzyme that influences the metabolism.

As you age, the ability to lose weight decreases

The activity of DNA-PK increases with advancing age and promotes the conversion of nutrients into fat – and thus the beer belly grows. But it gets worse: At the same time, the mitochondria go back. These are small organelles, also known as “cell power plants,” that transform fat into energy.

Medicines for the beer belly

Chung and his colleagues have developed a drug that can block the overactive enzyme, at least in mice. Rodents fed on high-fat diet and getting the inhibitor gained 40 percent less weight than mice that did not receive the drug.

The researchers suspect that the drug could have a comparable effect in humans. Dr. Chung can imagine that there might be a cure for weight gain with age: “The study opens the door for the development of new drugs that can induce weight loss by inhibiting the activity of DNA-PK.” However, there will be a lot of time to go before a drug is launched on the market. First, the drug must still be tested in humans. And that can take time.

No excuse for Sportmuffel

Although it may be possible in the future pills against the bacon, men and women should continue to diligently sport. A well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise are the best ways to fight the kilos. Because one thing is also clear: can only become fat, who eats more than he needs.


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