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The 12 best tips on Abdominal Discomfort!

The 12 best tips on Abdominal Discomfort!

The 12 best tips on Abdominal Discomfort!

Anyone who has ever had a stomach ache knows that pulling in the belly is highly unpleasant. But the treatment of abdominal discomfort is not always easy because behind the pain can be the various causes stuck: From stress and hectic to a gastrointestinal tract to spine problems or an allergy: The reasons for abdominal complaints can be manifold.

Abdominal discomfort is a symptom

If you have abdominal discomfort, you should always remember that it is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. Often the cause of the symptoms is harmless and the abdominal pain can be managed with a few simple tricks.

In order to alleviate your abdominal discomfort, we have compiled for you a varied program that can help you relieve tension in the stomach area and alleviate your pain. The tips can be applied individually or in combination. With each tip, you should decide according to your own opinion whether the measure appears pleasing to you or not.

If your palpitations persist over a long period of time and do not settle down with household remedies, you should consult a physician to clarify the exact cause of your complaints.

Tip 1: Hot water bottle

In case of abdominal discomfort, a hot water bottle can relieve the pain and provide for relaxation. Because of the warm water in the hot water bottle, the pain receptors are inhibited and the pain is thus not perceived as so much.

In addition, the blood circulation of the tissue is promoted by the heat. Through the better blood flow, the muscles can relax and relax.

As an alternative to a hot water bottle, you can also use a cherry stone pillow, which can be heated in the oven or in the microwave.

Tip 2: Waist wrap

In addition to a hot water bottle or a cherry core pillow, a warm waist wrap can also help alleviate discomfort in the abdomen area. For a classic belly-wrap, you should have three different wipes on hand: a sheet is laid directly on the belly, which has previously been dipped in hot water and then wrung hard. The interlayer is followed by a cotton cloth, on the outside, a woollen blanket closes off the belly wrap. The wrap should be applied for at least 30 minutes.

Tip 3: Stomach-soothing tea

There are various types of teas, the ingredients of which are said to have a stomach-soothing effect. These include, among others, fennel tea, chamomile tea and sage tea. Chamomile soothes the gastric mucosa, fennel has a digestive effect and sage has an antibacterial effect. In addition, peppermint tea and melissa tea are recommended for stomach problems. Alternatively, you can also use a special gastric tea from a drugstore or pharmacy.

And: the spice cardamom also has a soothing effect on the stomach. Just add a pinch of spice to your tea.

Tip 4: Exercise

Like a hot water bottle, sports activity also leads to the improved circulation of the muscles. This helps to relieve tension and relax the muscles. Particularly suitable for building painters are gentle movements such as yoga, pilates or gymnastics. Also recommended are moderate jogging or swimming.

Tip 5: Do not use alcohol, cigarettes and coffee

The consumption of coffee, cigarettes or alcohol can aggravate already existing abdominal complaints since their consumption irritates the stomach. For this reason, you should avoid these substances when you are experiencing an acute stomach discomfort.

The stomach can also be irritated by taking certain painkillers. Therefore, you should consult with your doctor for possible side effects before taking painkillers.

Tip 6: The right food

If you have problems with the abdomen, you should pay particular attention to your diet to prevent unnecessary strain on the gastrointestinal tract. It is important to avoid heavy and greasy food. On the other hand, digestible foods are recommended, which do not affect digestion. These include, for example, rusk, potatoes, rice, carrots, bananas, apples and pears as well as veal, poultry or trout.

Tip 7: Hot bath

A hot, full-bodied bath acts as a pain-relieving as well as relaxing on the cramped abdominal muscles. Bathing additives are especially lavender and shrimp.

  • Bath with Lavender: Add a handful of lavender to a pot, add two litres of water and bring the water to a boil. Then let it go for a quarter hour and then add the lavender density to the bath water.
  • : Bathroom with yarrow give 100 grams of yarrow herb in a bowl, then pour boiling water over half a litre of boiling water. Leave for ten minutes and then add to the water.


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