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Tears: Causes and immediate tips against swollen eyelids

Tears: Causes and immediate tips against swollen eyelids

Tears: Causes and immediate tips against swollen eyelids

They are probably the beauty girdle of the eye part: tear-bags. After a hard night, an unhealthy lifestyle or simply with age, the hanging skin folds develop on the lower eyelid. More rarely is a disease responsible for the stain. But in spite of different causes one can do something against tear sacks – even if they look at one already in the mirror.

They make you look a tired, old and somehow faded. The development of chronic tear sacks is mostly genetic and has nothing to do with lifestyle. However, even tears can occur in young people. There are some tricks to avoid swollen eyelids and prevent the tearsacks.

What are tearbags?

Tears have nothing to do with tears and tears. The actual lacrimal canal runs along the nose to the inner eyelid and is normally not visible. The tear fluid is produced in a gland in the upper eyelid, then moistens the eye and finally flows over this canal and then supplies the nasal mucosa with moisture. The swelling of the lower eyelids is called tear-sacs. However, this is a matter of fat and / or water storage.

Tear-bags develop with an increasing age. The skin around the eye is very thin and delicate. If water or fat is absorbed over time, the connective tissue around the eye is heavily stressed and reduces the load. The typical hanging folds of the skin are created, which the eye so little decorate. If one wants to proceed against the tear sacks, first of all it must be clear what is the cause. In case of doubt, a doctor can be consulted and diseases as a cause can be excluded.

Different causes of tear sacks

If the reason for the lacrimal sac is the relaxation of the tissues, the tear sacs are permanently visible, just as bulging and hanging skin folds. When water is responsible, the swelling occurs rather in the morning and in varying intensity.

Water retention in the eyelid also have various causes. Too little sleep, dry air (especially in the bedroom) or high alcohol and nicotine consumption can cause the swelling. Also allergy sufferers may get swollen eyelids, an allergologist can prescribe a suitable antidote.

If you sleep without pillows, that is, very straight, you risk swollen eyes and tears in the morning. The situation creates an increased pressure on the eyes and fluid can accumulate in the eyelids, thus creating a swollen vision in the morning. Therefore, if you are a bit more upright, you can prevent the blemish.

Means against tears

There are unfortunately no remedies for sneezing or sneezing. The fat deposits can be removed by a cosmetic procedure. The muscles and the skin then return to their original shape. Since, however, it is a purely cosmetic procedure, the health insurance company usually does not come to the treatment. However, if the affected person is mentally under the bags of tears, an intervention can create a better quality of life.

If fluid deposits are the cause of the tear sacks it looks better. By simple means one can fight the annoying swelling around the eyes. The classic is the cucumber slice. It cools the eye and provides additional moisture to the sensitive skin. This method can be used regularly to prevent the development of tear sacs.

Healthy lifestyle change and care as prevention

Even a healthy lifestyle change can keep the unsightly tearsticks in check. If you drink enough, eat well and look for enough movement, has the best conditions not only to avoid a few bacon rolls, but also the hanging eyelids. Anyone who avoids tissue-damaging influences, such as strong UV light, can support the delicate connective tissue around the eyes.

Also in the daily facial care one can do something, so that it does not come to the unsightly tear sacks. Simply pound the eye cream with your fingers. This stimulates the lymph flow and prevents deposits. Special eye care products can still support this effect. A beautician can help here.

Home remedies and instant tips against tear sacks

Anyone who sees swollen lids in the morning looking at the mirror, but has an important working day in place, need not panic. The swelling can be quickly removed by simple means. A chilled teaspoon, lightly pressed on the eyes, can cause miracles. Tea bags used as well. It is best to pour a black or green tea, place the bag in a cold place and then place it on the eyes for a few minutes. This not only cools, through the tea the skin receives active ingredients, such as caffeine, which support the skin’s slimming and smoothing.

In the pharmacy there are freely available remedies for tear sacks. This also includes camomile cream or an envelope with eye-rust tea. In addition, the sensitive skin under the eyes should be massaged easily every morning and evening. A hyaluron gel can produce optical smoothness under the eye. We massage this gel with a “scooter”, the lymph flow is also stimulated.

Tear-bags as signs of disease

Chronic lacrimal sacs can also be an indication of a disease. Conjunctivitis can, for example, spread to the eyelids. But heart failure can also lead to increased water retention. Thus, the swollen lids can be a first sign of heart problems. Thyroid or renal disease can also lead to swollen lids. If the swelling persists over a longer period of time, a physician should be consulted to rule out serious causes. In most cases, however, the tear sacks are harmless and merely a sign of age.

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