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Sweetener in lemonades: This substance could predict obesity

Sweetener in lemonades: This substance could predict obesity

Why do some people stay thin and others become fat? Researchers have discovered a substance associated with obesity. The sweet harbinger could indicate an onset of obesity at an early stage.

Biomarker indicates obesity

A substance, which as a so-called biomarker can indicate an incipient obesity (also: obesity ), was previously unknown. An international research team headed by Professor Karsten Hiller from the Technische Universität Braunschweig has now identified a substance that may be able to warn against weight gain.

This substance is called erythritol. Anyone who has an elevated concentration of erythritol in their blood runs the risk of gaining a lot of weight.

What is erythritol?

Eryhritol is a sugar alcohol and also occurs as a sweetener in lemonades. According to the common assumption, the substance is particularly well tolerated because it is excreted by the body unprocessed again. However, the researchers were able to prove that this is not true. Erythritol is a natural part of the metabolism.

The sweetener is produced in the body

For their study , the researchers studied for a year, the health of 264 subjects and thereby taken blood samples. They were particularly interested in how the composition of the blood changed. “We have developed techniques that allow us to track exactly how certain substances are broken down in the body and what products result from them. We are also able to determine previously unknown metabolic products, “says Hiller.

The result: subjects who were gaining weight also had an elevated concentration of erythritol in the blood. The scientists were able to prove that the study participants not only took the substance through food, for example via sweetened sodas, but also produced their own body Erythritol.

Further research is necessary

The relationship between the increased concentration in the blood and an incipient obesity, the scientists can not yet say. The effect of erythritol, which is absorbed through food, also needs to be explored.


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