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Stroke: The causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Stroke: The causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Stroke: The causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Folks, we bring you another topic we thought you might be interested in, the deadly Stroke. This article will go into the fundamentals as to define the stroke, list down the causes of stroke, the symptoms of stroke or the signs of stroke that you can tell when a person is having them and the treatment of stroke or recovery options. Everything that we want to talk about has been compiled below for your convenience.

Stroke definition: what is Stroke?

A stroke, commonly medically termed as a cerebrovascular accident or CVA, occurs when some part of the brain completely loses its blood supply and this affects the body parts, muscle control and decision-making ability which that part of the brain was controlling.

Types of stroke:

There are two types of stroke:

Ischemic stroke: this occurs when some part of the brain is deprived of proper blood flow and a stroke occurs.

Hemorrhagic stroke: this occurs when there is bleeding that occurs into the brain while a stroke is taking place.

Transient ischemic attack (TIA) or mini-stroke is usually a warning sign for upcoming strokes and its symptoms fade away within 24 hours without needing any treatment.

Stroke: The causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Causes of stroke: Exactly what causes a stroke?

Thrombotic stroke:

This happens because of a clot, also known as thrombosis, which clogs an artery inside the brain. The brain is then deprived of blood flow and the area of the body that it needs to control is no longer working.

Embolic stroke:

This type of stroke may occur when a blood clot that forms inside the heart and breaks loose and travels through the bloodstream to the brain and clog an artery therewith. This also makes it lose function of certain body parts that the brain controls.

Cerebral haemorrhage:

This type of stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain tears and bleeds into the brain and causes swelling of the brain tissue and builds pressure against the skull.

Subarachnoid haemorrhage:

This causes an artery on the surface of your brain to bust which causes bleeding inside the brain which is normally accompanied by a severe headache.

Other causes may be migraine headaches or vasculitis.

Your lifestyle choices such as being overweight and not partaking in physical activities may just be the cause of a stroke. Drinking and drugs can also affect this. However, factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, sleep apnea, smoking, family history of stroke and age might affect if you get this problem.

Symptoms of a stroke:

what are the symptoms of a stroke?

The first symptom that people normally exhibit during this unfortunate circumstance is trouble speaking and forming words or being confused. You might even have difficulty understanding what the other person is saying. You might experience numbness on one side of the body (in most cases) of the arm, your face, or your leg. You might also have trouble seeing when a stroke is happening to you. A dizzy spell or a strong headache may be followed, accompanied by nausea. You might also find it difficult to walk or do physical activity.

However be sure to know that a stroke is an emergency situation and if anyone is seen having these symptoms of stroke then you should call 911 and immediately seek medical attention.

Stroke: The causes, symptoms and treatment options!

Treatment for stroke:

Treatment for stroke is usually done when the person is in care of a professional medical practitioner, in this case, a neurosurgeon. They determine the person’s breathing and take steps to make sure the person’s breathing stays controlled. Depending on the situation, the clot inside the brain may need to be sucked out or a damaged artery might need to be repaired. A trained neurosurgeon is able to accomplish this feat so it is important that as soon as stroke symptoms show, you should make no delay in seeking medical help because of every second count and it may just be everything that makes the difference.


A stroke is a deadly condition as it might happen without you being fully aware of what leads to it. The signs of stroke and the symptoms of stroke mentioned above will surely help in a diagnosis of whether any medical help is required in case of stroke. The treatment of stroke is purely done at a medical institution; however, the risk factors can be minimized by adopting a better lifestyle.



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