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Stretch Marks: Prevent & Treat Tears in the Skin

Stretch Marks: Prevent & Treat Tears in the Skin

Stretch Marks: Prevent & Treat Tears in the Skin

Small bleeding on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks or bosom: Circumcision of all women discover early or later strains (striae cutis) on their bodies. Above all a pregnancy claims the connective tissue and often leaves behind skin cracking. Striae is not a medical problem. Read here how to prevent stretch marks and make them less discrete.

They are still regarded as a beauty girdle, but most of the women make their acquaintance with them in the course of their lives: the stretch of striae (striae cutis). Their occurrence is due to a natural process in the body. Above all the abdomen, the inside of the thigh, the buttocks or the breasts are affected. The causes are manifold. And also the male sex is not immune from stretching.

Stretching strips are formed when the skin is strongly stretched and tear the elastic collagen fibers of the subcutis. This is characterized first as a reddish or bluish strip on the skin, as the blood vessels glimmer. Over time, the stripes faded gradually, leaving behind a brightly shimmering streak. Stretch marks are felt on the skin surface: they are uneven and there are neither hair nor sweat or sebaceous glands in their area.

Causes of stretch marks: Weak connective tissue, hormonal changes or weight changes

The causes of tissue ruptures are manifold. During puberty, the hormonal changes and thus an unbalanced estrogen level can already lead to stretch marks in young women. Growth strikes (in girls and boys) can also cause the striae, such as the hips.

In the adult age, pregnancy is usually the cause of the unsightly streaks on the abdomen. In particular, light-skinned women, in the case of multiple pregnancies or during a heavy increase in weight during pregnancy, develop strain strips. The strips can also occur during pregnancy on the breasts, the buttocks or the arms. Because: the hormonal changes make the skin tissue looser so that the child can develop and grow properly in the mother’s body. The connective tissue becomes softer and the skin tears faster.

In men, strong muscle building, such as bodybuilding, often leads to stretch marks on the arms, shoulders or chest.

Overweight people are increasingly prone to striae cutis after a strong weight gain. Also a hormone treatment (for example, in the case of Cushing’s syndrome) can cause tissue disorders.

Occurrence of strains: Striemen on the abdomen, legs and buttocks

Strain can occur all over the body. The following lots are usually affected:

  • Belly; laterally
  • Inside the thighs
  • hips
  • Bosom; lateral, semicircular around the vaginal atrium
  • Knee; vertically running, on the inside of the leg
  • Shoulder strap (especially for muscular men)
  • upper arms

Prevent stretch marks: Oils, massages and replacement baths strengthen the skin

Against a genetically weak connective tissue woman can unfortunately do nothing. Also the fact that hormone-induced loosening of the tissue during pregnancy is a natural and desirable fact. Therefore, the strain strips have to be accepted more or less. But the female sex can help with some tricks the skin so that the strips are less drastic or less visible.

Basically, anything that promotes the blood circulation of the skin is preventively suitable for the treatment of stretch marks. Massages with vitamin-containing oils should help to avoid tissue rash. Vitamin E is an active ingredient, which should show positive results. Also the rich jojoba oil nourishes the skin and moisturizes. Gentle plunging massages stimulate the blood circulation and thus promote the elasticity of the connective tissue at the affected site.

Peels are also suitable for preventing stretch marks. Suitable preparations are available in drugstores or the pharmacy, but also a simple mixture of sugar and olive oil cares for the skin and stimulates blood flow. Likewise, exchange baths and Kneipp’s castings are to be used to improve the vitality of the skin.

Good for the skin: Healthy diet and sports

The healthy and firm skin is a balanced and vitamin-rich diet. Plenty of fruits and vegetables, fiber and saturated fat are good for the skin and the connective tissue. Also sufficient movement helps to avoid skin damage and to strengthen the tissue.

If the stretch marks have arisen due to a strong increase in weight, they often disappear almost completely when the additional kilos again disappear. Pregnant women can also counteract the movement of the formation of pregnancies. Here, it is recommended to practice gymnastics, yoga or water sports.

Treatment of tissue: Relief is possible

If the light streaks have already arisen, this is still no reason to hide their bodies. Stretch strips are a normal physical appearance and should not cause any embarrassment.

But many women suffer psychically under the supposed flaw. Since it is not a medical problem, but merely an aesthetic flaw, the health insurance funds do not come for treatment. The dermatologist is the right starting point for a planned treatment of the striae cutis. There are different ways to treat stretch marks. It should be clear to every patient: a cure does not exist, the strips will not disappear completely – but an improvement is always possible.

Microneedling, Laser and Co .: Using these procedures, the doctor lets the pregnancy strips fade

Depending on the location and extent of the stretching strips, the dermatologist can proceed against the strips on the skin by various methods. A laser therapy can help to conceal the cracks of the under-skin. In doing so, the uppermost skin layer is processed and ablated with the laser so that new skin is formed. Hyaluronic acid and collagen naturally occur. After healing of the treated site, the skin should have taken a natural color again – the whitish lines fade. It is rather advisable to refrain from using a proprietary dermatologist.

Another method to treat tissue disorders is the so-called microneedling. The dermatologist treats the affected body part with a roller or a punch. Tiny needles are placed on the device, which penetrate into the skin. These minor injuries stimulate the formation and renewal of the skin: the no funnel-shaped scars are refilled. This treatment is also used against pigmentation, cellulite or scarring.

Chemical skin peels should also help to make stretch marks less noticeable. The substances carry the top skin layer and the body must react with the formation of new tissue.

The dermatologist decides individually which method and in which case the appropriate therapy is for pregnancy strips.

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