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This spring is getting hot – thanks to the spring hairstyles, which are uncomplicated, but set in a glamorous style, decorative accessories and bright colours.

Casual yet stylish – spring hairstyles for everyday wear

2012 is the year of uncomplicated hairstyles because casual styles are preferred by modern women in everyday life. Nevertheless, the new generation of women makes no compromises; The spring hairstyle 2012 must not only be suitable for everyday use, but also have the “glam factor”. Whether in the office or at a family celebration, women want to be the centre of attention without spending hours in front of the mirror. Therefore, the most popular spring hairstyles 2012 are the bobsleigh and braided hairstyles, possibly combined with a cheeky pony. These styles can meet the high demands of the modern woman and turn her into a glamorous queen in an instant.

The Bob is no longer an old-fashioned classic from bygone times because recently, the women profess with courage and passion for daring cuts and fashionable styles. Neatly cut and chaste worn was yesterday – today, asymmetrical cuts, daring crowns and lively curls dominate, creating a varied image on the heads of women. The bob always remains easy to handle and is “ready to use” with just a few grips.

Also braiding hairstyles are perfectly suitable for everyday use, they come out almost without any strength – like foam or gel – and are styled in a few minutes. Whether braided sideways or casually pinned up at the back of the head – braids are at the forefront of spring 2012 hairstyles. Refined with some fine accessories or eye-catching color accents, for example, the simple French braid becomes a real eye-catcher.

The pony can be cleverly combined with both the bob and braided hairstyles and raises the everyday hairstyles in spring 2012 to a whole new level. Slanted cut or set in bright colours in a scene he ensures visual highlights.

Hair accessories in spring – it glitters and sparkles in the hair

What goes better with spring 2012 than fresh, colourful colours? Whether yellow, light blue or pink – every colour is allowed. This is made possible by a newly released on the market powder, which can be applied like make-up in the hair and provides bright accents. The trick: The powder can be washed out at any time so that the colour of the whim of the wearer from day to day – or even from hour to hour – is replaceable.

In the spring of 2012, fashion accessories for the hair are also very trendy. Splendidly crafted glittery clasps, flowery hair bands or simple ribbons create stylish frames for the uncomplicated hairstyles and give them a touch of elegance and glamour.

The courage to the extraordinary is announced in 2012, nevertheless, this year again some rules of the game have to be considered in order to visually enhance the hairstyle without exaggerating:

  • Do not combine too many colours
  • Complicated hairstyles do not have to be decorated with accessories
  • The more sumptuous the accessories are, the less part of the hairstyle
  • Working out contrasts (simple hairstyle – sumptuous hair ornaments)
  • Retro chic is in
  • The jewellery may be in love with details, but not overly overloaded
  • The colour in the hair should be matched to the make-up
  • In the office should be dispensed glittery accessories

Women who follow these criteria can score points in the spring with a great hairstyle and many admiring glances.

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