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Slimming myths that prevent you from losing weight

Slimming myths that prevent you from losing weight

Slimming myths that prevent you from losing weight

Everyone knows them: wisdom to help you lose weight . But what about the myths? In an interview with, ecotrophologist Manuela Marin from Berlin explains, among other things, whether a hot bath helps to lose weight.

1. Eating after 6 pm makes you fat

Everyone probably heard this statement before. But is it right? “This is controversial,” explains the expert. “Some say, ‘Yes, the food will be metabolized worse after 6pm.’ However, whether it actually promoted weight gain could not be clearly demonstrated. ”

That’s why the ecotrophologist advises: “I would say that you have to observe this practically to yourself.” It is certainly not advisable to have a sumptuous meal very late for the reason that you may not be able to sleep afterwards yes, this old rule: eating breakfast like an emperor and eating in the evenings like a beggar, that’s certainly not wrong. ”

2. A hot bath helps to lose weight

There is indeed some truth to this assertion, says Marin: “Anything that increases energy, so to speak, ultimately leads to weight loss, but whether it’s good to lose weight with a hot bath is the second question.”

“Of course you also lose weight through sauna sessions, many of them sway before and after, and then they are very enthusiastic – of course, almost the whole amount of water loss due to the sweat – hardly a kilo of fat has been attacked anywhere basically the same thing, because you sweat like hell, “explains the expert.

That’s certainly not the way to lose weight, “she emphasizes. “It’s about changing your diet , eating it consciously, and embedding it in your whole life, with enough exercise and relaxation, that’s the only way it will work.”

3. Losing weight becomes more difficult in old age

“Yes, of course, losing weight is harder in old age, muscle mass is decreasing, it consumes a lot of energy, and overall energy expenditure goes down, so if you want to lose weight, you would have to save calories, and of course, the less I need anyway,” the nutrition expert knows.

Often there is also the phenomenon that coming into retirement often leads to obesity. Because through less exercise and activity the metabolism sinks even more. However, according to Marin, that can also be positive. “If it stays in the frame, it’s not so bad, the aged people, from 80, 85 years, lose weight again.” If they then enter this phase with a little padding, I find that personally not so wrong . ”

In addition, she has some tips on how to keep his weight in old age at least. “Balanced nutrition always plays a role, but of course even more in old age, because less energy is used, but the need for nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids does not go down, which means that I have to eat the same quality with less that means I have to choose a lot more conscious nutrient-rich foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and skinny dairy products, so if you focus on that, and then keep an eye on exercise, then holding on to weight is certainly feasible. ”

4. Daily weighing helps with weight loss

This myth is not right, says Marin. “I recommend that you weigh once a week in the phase of weight loss – and also afterwards – because the weight has some fluctuations, you should not take every 200 grams, because that causes more uncertainty and stress weighing the week is enough. ”

If the desired weight is reached, you should not stop with the weekly weighing. “It’s important to keep doing that because you’ve found that keeping weight is the hardest part of the game anyway, and if you do not realize you’ve gained another kilogram or two, that’s bad of course because it’s better to get back in as early as possible and say, ‘Hold on, what have I done here now and how do I keep my weight?’ Best, before you have his five kilos on it again. ”

What is the right way to handle weight loss wisdom?

Manuela Marin thinks you should definitely show a healthy skepticism. “Otherwise, we do not accept everything offered to us and that’s exactly the same in the field of nutrition, because every day something new is produced and much of it is more than questionable, ranging from self-experiments to hypotheses that have no durability That shows up and also just as quickly. ”

Your tip to successfully lose weight: “Help from a qualified nutritionist is never wrong, at least for the entry phase, but also a group is suitable for losing weight, then you have secured insights that are worked on and that will certainly bring you the best Besides, it’s always nice to do it with like-minded people. ”


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