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Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!

Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!

Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!

How to fight sleep deprivation? Sleep deprivation is one of the many silent, underlying issues that the world’s population is facing today. The effects of sleep deprivation are mounting every day and resulting in considerable losses to our productivity and mental health. Sleep deprivation symptoms and sleep deprivation effects have also been listed in the article below and discussed thoroughly for your convenience. Sleep deprived people, at this point in time, account for more than half of the world’s population. If sleep deprivation (whether REM sleep deprivation or CDC sleep deprivation) affects this amount of people, then it is a problem that needs to be taken seriously. And we cannot take it seriously without understanding what it is.

Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!

So, what exactly is sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is described as not getting the adequate amount of sleep required for a human body to function in a healthy way. The typical sleep requirements by age are:

Teenagers (13-19):  8-10 hours of sleep a day

Younger adults (20-25): 7-9 hours of sleep a day

Adults (26-64): 6-9 hours of sleep a day

Older adults (65+):  7-8 hours of sleep a day

Sleep is essential to the human body because it helps maintain a healthy brain function and increases cognitive ability. This helps a person to make rational decisions, controlling how you respond to daily challenging problems and helping to control and regulate your emotions and behavior in times of flight and flight or stressful work environments. It conserves the body’s energy to put it into effective use in daily functions and bodily processes.

It helps in memory restoration and allows you to retain your long term memory as well as increases the spans for your short term memory. This helps children and teenagers to do well in school while adults are able to perform exceptionally in their workplace.

The problem of sleep deprivation often results from Sleep Apnea (shallow breathing, snoring or snorting and pauses in breathing during the night), Insomnia (trouble falling asleep), narcolepsy (sleepiness during the day) or Parasomnias (abnormal sleep patterns or behaviors).

Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!

Sleep deprivation symptoms:

When a person is considered to deviate from this pattern of required sleep, for extended periods of time, certain problems and issues make themselves known in the human body. To understand them, it is important to know what sleep deprivation can do to your body. There are symptoms of sleep deprivation which sleep deprived people normally exhibit. These constitute the ones that we have explained in detail below.

You might just be sleep deprived if these sleep deprivation symptoms show in your daily life. If you have trouble falling sleep, if you constantly wake up throughout the night and then cannot go back to sleep again or if you never feel well rested even after you’ve had a good 7-8 hours of sleep in. You may also be sleep deprived if you have breathing problems during your sleep which cause you to snore or snort or have shallow breaths in the night if you are fatigued during the day and feel constantly sleepy throughout.

Severe symptoms of sleep deprivation which show in sleep deprived folk are a high risk of diabetes because sleep deprivation induces high levels of blood sugar in the body. It may also result in less production of muscle mass and the disintegration of repairs of tissues and cells in children as well as adults. It also slows down your immune system and makes you more prone to common infections.

Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!

Physical signs of sleep deprivation:

Physical signs of sleep deprivation include if one is suffering from a lack of motivation, mood swings, lack of concentration or focusing ability then they might be sleep deprived. In some people sleep deprivation also tends to increase or decrease their weight. This is because it tends to change your appetite or food intake and also affects the energy expensed by the body. It is also said that the problem of obesity might come about as one of the effects of sleep deprivation.

How to fight sleep deprivation?

Try your best to not drink caffeinated drinks in the morning to stay up or alert during the day. Wake up at a consistent time every day so that your sleeping pattern adjusts and you will automatically feel sleepy at the right time. When you are sleepy, do not postpone sleep or use your mobile device during the time. Better yet, stay away from your phone after 8 p.m in the night. Whatever you do, please do not take sleeping pills or sedatives as they have very harmful side effects which are not worth the hassle.

Sleep deprivation:Causes, Symptoms, Medications, and Therapies!


If all this, in any way, tells you that you are sleep deprived or show some signs of sleep deprivation (either REM sleep deprivation or CDC sleep deprivation) because of the condition you are facing, you should consult your professional medical practitioner. These sleep deprivation effects or sleep deprivation symptoms can be long-lasting if not dealt with correctly at the time. Sleep deprivation effects on students as well as adults can be of considerable loss to them when not taken seriously. Sleep deprived people should take this matter seriously and seek medical help.


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