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Advice From Dr. Stanwix - Breast Implants Yes Or No?

Should I Get Breast Augmentation Surgery| Yes or No?

Should I Get Breast Augmentation Surgery| Yes or No?

For many women, the breast is usually more important than almost any other body part. In order to bring it into the light perfectly, countless bras are tried, bought different tops and sometimes considered even thought about a possible breast surgery. Bigger, smaller or firmer – a large number of women have thought about plastic surgery at least once in their lives. Much of today’s surgery is feasible with modern technology, but not everything is possible.
Before you even decide on a breast surgery, you should ask yourself the following questions: Am I ready for a plastic surgery? What happens if I am not satisfied with the result? Can I afford the operation financially at all? And how do I find the right surgeon?

Whether it’s breast lift, breast lifting, sagging breasts, breast reduction or breast augmentation using special implants, today many breast enhancement methods are feasible. However, surgeons are not gods – not every wish can be fulfilled, some surgery even ends with a bitter disappointment on the part of the patient and adverse effects are not always influenced by the specialist.
For example, after breast augmentation, the possibility of breastfeeding after pregnancy may no longer exist or may be limited.
The advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery can be continued indefinitely, yet each patient eventually makes that wish for herself.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that many risk factors or side effects of breast surgery should be considered. The choice of the implant, for example, is decisive for the result. But what happens when the organism capsules or even repels the pillows? Will the scars be more visible after surgery than you thought possible?

After every medical intervention, the patient can expect side effects. These usually include pain, bleeding, bruising or hematoma. In some cases, it may also lead to bacterial infections, wound healing disorders or itching in the suture area. In the specific case of breast surgery, further side effects such as slipping of the implants, nipple dying, highly visible scars, weeping wounds, severe pain, limited movement or sensitivity disorders should be considered. All of these complications can, in the worst case scenario, result in further surgery and, if necessary, require removal of the implants used.

Of course it is very important for the success of any OP that you scrupulously take the follow-up examinations. For this the examinations of the doctor are important, the scar care crucial and the wearing of a suitable bra or a support corsage indispensable. You should also be aware that after a breast operation various sports such as jogging or riding in the first months are not possible. In addition, tanning sessions and sun baths must be avoided as these irritate the newly operated skin areas too much and impair wound healing to a considerable extent.

Not to be underestimated is the cost factor. The account of private breast surgery has to be carried by patients with a few exceptions in many cases. Whether your case is an exception, should be discussed with the private or statutory health insurance.
For the consultation, the examination, the operating room and the follow-up examinations, you will incur costs which vary and are individually calculated according to the cost plan. The rough prices are the following:

Breast reduction – 4.000 € to 6.000 €
Breast lift – 3.000 € to 5.000 €
Breast augmentation – 4.000 € to 6.500 €

Be sure to choose an experienced and qualified surgeon when choosing your surgeon. Since the term “cosmetic surgeon” is not legally protected in Austria and Germany, you should first seek advice from a doctor of trust, the medical association or special clinics. Also, trust your “gut feeling” – if you have any doubts during the consultation, because the surgeon may be avoiding you, not answering questions completely, or just sealing the entire operation well, the alarm bells should ring. If you go to the OR with a good feeling, with all the advantages and disadvantages that your doctor has given you, you will certainly get better results.


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