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About three quarters of all Austrians need glasses – and this with increasing tendency. The reason for this is seen by experts in the increased use of computers, laptops and smartphones as work tools. Anyone who is looking at the screen all day is very hard on the eye. In addition, you have to constantly focus between the screen and objects in the distance, which often leads to an overload of the eyes. Remedy for eye problems create contact lenses or eyeglasses.

When should you check?

Those who value their health should regularly make an appointment with the ophthalmologist. For defective vision, an annual check is recommended. In the case of the following problems, however, you should also consult an expert, if you have so far without visual aids:

  • Difficulties to read small print
  • Objects in the distance appear blurred
  • Generally blurred vision
  • You see distorted objects
  • Permanent headache without any other medical background
  • Regular flicker in front of the eyes

In the case of people who, while observing objects in the vicinity, perceive blurred objects in the distance, they are myopic, in the opposite case, in the case of long-sightedness. Both cases are present in the age-related defective vision presbyopia. If a defective vision is diagnosed, the choice remains between glasses and contact lens.

Why glasses?

Most people who see badly opt for glasses. Many are afraid to introduce a foreign body into the eye. Although there are already technically sophisticated models like Dailies Aquacomfort Plus, which provide for moistening and thus excellent wearing comfort, the majority prefer the glasses. Women can often get used to the frame at first. After all, one looks completely different with a pair of glasses. Make-up no longer applies because the eye part is partly obscured by the glasses. However, the traditional visual aid also scores with advantages. This includes protection from dust and pollen. A spectacle has less impact on the eye, since it acts from some distance on the visual performance. The glasses can be worn by women during the flu when the nose runs and the eyes are tearing. However, not every woman sees the glasses as a fashion accessory. Some do not want to get used to the new look and therefore opt for contact lenses.

The advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses

Almost all contact lens carriers are not seen to have a vision aid. They are opt for fashionable colored contact lenses to change the eye color. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses do not fog, it is guaranteed in nearly every living situation clear view. Sporty women also appreciate that contact lenses do not slip. Special models can be worn even in the sauna and the swimming pool without impairment. It is also positive to note that you do not have to invest as a contact lens carrier in a new sunglasses. You can wear the old model over the lenses. However, one must deal with the maintenance of the lenses intensively. Who opt for monthly lenses, the thin slices must be placed in a container with special liquid in the evening after removal. Practical in this regard are daily lenses, which are simply disposed of after use. However, a lot of rubbish is needed as contact lenses are supplied in a protective package. In addition, the cost aspect of the daily cost of the lens is relatively high. Allergy sufferers often have to switch to eyeglasses during the pollensa season. In the already irritated eyes, the contact lenses sometimes cause pain.


Contact lenses require daily care and adequate hygienic measures. Only in this way is a safe and problem-free use guaranteed. However, the lenses do not change the look, women can dress as usual and do not have to adapt their outfit to the design of the glasses. However, spectacle fans see their visual aids as a colorful sight and know their eyes well protected in every living situation. Whether the glasses or contact lens is more suitable depends on the personal preferences, the sensitivity of the eyes and not least the life change. Athletes sometimes get along better with contact lenses.

Scientifically Proven: Wagner warns against glassplitter in “Piccolinis”

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