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For a radiant appearance, more and more people put under the knife! Plastic surgery is booming, and not just domestically. Because in this country beat breast enlargement, liposuction and dentures with proud prices to book. Prices that not everyone can afford or want. As an alternative, comparable beauty treatments are also offered in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic, but are up to 70% cheaper. To keep the risk as low as possible, the online portal offers a serious mediation platform for patients and qualified doctors. With the all-round service, everything is organized, from the request to the appointment, the appropriate accommodation and the arrival. So there is nothing in the way of an immaculate body!

SanaGlobe guarantees German performance standards for beauty surgeries!

Again and again, you hear about true horror scenarios and gone wrong beauty surgeries abroad. Infections, bad advice and shortcomings in the equipment and hygiene make for a bad image of treatments abroad in terms of beauty and more. However, SanaGlobe guarantees with a specially developed seal of quality that all recommended doctors comply with German performance standards and undergo regular, strict controls. This ensures that the price is saved, but not the high level of medical care that has become standard in our neighbouring countries.

Risk or real alternative: breast augmentation abroad?

The wishes of the patients and the possibilities offered by plastic surgery are endless. A new nose, a tummy tuck, a tooth correction, much is possible! Breast augmentation abroad is the top priority of the requested treatments. Why? The breast is predominantly made of connective tissue and this quickly makes you tired after dieting, weight gain and pregnancy. But to make women feel like a woman again, SanaGlobe introduces Contacting competent medical teams in Poland. For here, the cost of living is correspondingly low and so attractive prices can be offered for this intervention. Of course, all doctors speak German, because only so the doctors can advise their customers before surgery in detail. SanaGlobe is 100% independent and, in addition to recommended addresses for beauty treatments abroad, also has answers to questions on plastic surgery across the border. For even more beauty and well-being in your own body.

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