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Running as a medicine Sport is so good for the psyche

Running as a medicine Sport is so good for the psyche

Depression, sleep disorders, negative thought carousels – more and more people are affected in the western world. Sagittarius can be a remedy that is free to have and does not even have side effects: exercise.

When running therapist Joanna Zybon enters Berlin Prison Plötzensee, she becomes “Trainer Joe”. The prisoners come to her with addictions, depression or sleep disorders.

Running as medicine? In prison you can see training with her not only as a welcome change to the monotonous everyday life. Word has got around that fitness is about more. The goal: to free the head step by step. With that the prisoners understood a very important point.

Aerobic exercise counteracts depression

Studies show that aerobic exercise – that is, moderate intensity – may even be antidepressant. For stress reduction nothing is better suited than sport. And yet many fall exhausted on the couch after a hard day’s work. Because sport is exhausting. Yet this effort is part of the mechanism of action.

“The stress hormones such as cortisol are brought into balance,” explains the sports scientist Prof. Ingo Froböse of the sports university in Cologne, the principle. “This happens when we set a stimulus that tenses us, and then relaxation follows, which does not automatically come after a busy day.” The more stress you have, the more sport you have to make balancing. It does not count the sport, but intensity and dosage. Everything depends on the motivation, because to feel an effect, you have to move regularly.

“It sometimes happens that one of the inmates says: My goal is to be able to run away from the police faster,” says Zybon. It was not meant to be that serious, but basically this motivation would be okay for her. Training is done under suboptimal conditions: on a 377 meter long, square course behind thick walls. Some of the participants do not even have running shoes. The therapy, which does almost nothing, is still popular. There is even a waiting list.

According to Zybon, normal running training becomes therapy when creativity comes along. The trainer also plays games with her protégés. Or does her problems sound while running? As a running therapist, she is not just on the edge. That’s important to her.

Sport prevents many diseases

Cora S. Weber, Specialist in Psychosomatics and Internal Medicine, has also dealt with movement and psyche.Three times 45 minutes of aerobic exercise a week, according to her helps against depression, so it is proven mood-enhancing. “The sport is even anxiolytic,” says the head physician of the Berlin Park Clinic Sophie Charlotte.Even with anxiety, stress arises, which is resolved by the movement. But something else is crucial: Sport distracts from fear. “In addition, one prevents, for example, hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes ,” said Weber.

She recommends running against the prison in the head, because it is one of the first skills that man learns. And because the implementation is so easy. “Basically, you have to choose the endurance sport you like to do.”

Prof. Froböse not only benefits in endurance sports: ” Although you do not have to come to yoga , but who likes to do that, should do that.” It works just as well. The focus on breathing is meditative, muscles become tense and relaxed. The difference to running is at least, as far as that, not so big.

Walking is good for a start

“No matter what you do, you remain subjectively under-challenged,” advises the sports expert. For more than two hours running was for example nonsense, even for the best trained. A marathon may be good for the ego – “it has nothing to do with health.” Beginners should start with brisk walking , jogging overwhelms the vast majority. “Any kind of exercise is good, go for a walk after work, walk to the train.” And again: stay tuned counts.

“After eight to ten weeks is usually a motivational low, which should be prepared,” said Froböse. “Reward yourself or hang a target on the fridge.” But grabbing the fridge does not help: It stuns the discomfort at most for a moment, but it does not manage it.

Bad is exercise when it causes additional stress. This may be the case if a sport is too intense and frequent, or if it does not give pleasure. This can also be demonstrated in animal experiments. In a study where some rats had to swim regularly while others were running in the wheel, the stress levels of those walking were lower. Not only people have their preferences.

If you want to do something good psychologically and physically, you have to set a charm, but by no means overstrain yourself. And above all, do not force anything he does not like to do.

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