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Rotavirus: It is impossible to protect your child from it

Rotavirus: It is impossible to protect your child from it

Rotavirus: It is impossible to protect your child from it

The rotavirus is on the rise in several regions of Germany. These include Hamburg, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. He is very easily transferable. You therefore have virtually no chance to protect your child from infection. Especially in daycare, the virus spreads very fast. Here’s what you should look out for.

The rotavirus is on the rise

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), rotaviruses are the most common cause of intestinal infections in children. Children most often fall ill between the ages of six months and two years. At this age, the immune system is still weak, which is why children are particularly susceptible to the pathogen at this time. The infection is reportable. If a pediatrician diagnoses a rotavirus infection, he must inform the health department. The peak of infections is usually in the period February to April.

According to the RKI, rotavirus infection was the second most notifiable disease in 2008 with 80,373 cases, thus reaching the highest number of cases since the introduction of mandatory reporting in 2001. The actual case numbers are probably much higher because not all infections are diagnosed.

Vaccination against the rotavirus

Since July 2013, the Standige Impfkommission (Stiko) recommends a rotavirus vaccination of infants under 6 months old as a standard vaccine. It is a oral vaccine.

Rotavirus: The infection has happened quickly

Rotavirus is one of the pathogens against which effective protection is unlikely if the child is not vaccinated. On the one hand, the  virus is billions of times in the stool of an infected child. On the other hand, even tiny amounts of the pathogen are enough to cause vomiting diarrhea . Often, the infection is also accompanied by fever. So the little ones can get infected very quickly in kindergarten. And even at the hospital your child is not safe from the rotavirus.

From the infection to the onset of the first symptoms (incubation period) it usually takes one to three days. Overall, a rotavirus infection lasts two to six days on average. But even after the symptoms have resolved, there is still a risk of infection – up to eight days, in exceptional cases even longer. Whether a rotavirus infection is present, is determined by a stool sample.

Many transmission paths

The main problems associated with rotavirus include the large number of transmission routes. Since even small amounts of the pathogen are sufficient for an infection, the risk of infection is high even in everyday situations. It is sufficient if an infected and a hitherto healthy child share a toy.

Physicians speak in this context of a smear infection, that is, the pathogen is transferable via saliva and stool.Remedy can only provide a thorough disinfection with products that are certified. Be sure to pay attention to the contact time information. Especially the thorough cleaning of the palms is important. If the rotavirus has broken out, you should also disinfect all door handles in the apartment and the toilet once a day.

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