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Rehabilitation Gymnastics Exercises: When and why?

Rehabilitation Gymnastics Exercises

After giving birth, most women concentrate fully on their baby. After a few weeks, when the body has recovered, however, fresh-bred mums should begin slowly with the recovery gymnastics. This often takes place in the course under the guidance of a midwife. Rehabilitation gymnastics exercises for home but you can just as easily sleep here. You can take a break at any time, do not have to look for childcare, and in some exercises, your baby can even help. Important: All exercises with which the straight abdominal muscles are intensively trained (eg sit-ups) should be avoided shortly after birth. Depending on the severity of your aches and pains, whether your child was born naturally or by an emperor’s cut, and how much sport you had before you gave birth, you should start rehabilitation exercises sooner or later. You should talk with your midwife in advance which exercises are already allowed.

Rehabilitation gymnastics: When and why?

Even if many women want to get rid of their fats as soon as possible, rehabilitation gymnastics is primarily about reactivating the pelvic floor muscles, which during pregnancy and childbirth has been heavily strained and stretched. The basin floor is extremely important and should be trained – otherwise, it can lead to incontinence, Abdominal pain and uterine destruction. Do not try to emulate Hollywood stars, who present themselves just a few weeks after the birth with a stepped figure. This will not only harm you but also your baby. Let it go slowly: exercise our exercise series only two to three times a week for a maximum of ten minutes. Increase leisurely. Two and a half months after giving birth, you can also train half an hour a day and complete our rehabilitation gymnastics exercises with swimming, walking or yoga. From the following rehabilitation exercises, you can begin the first three exercises about four weeks after birth. Exercises 4 to 6 should be made at the earliest two months after birth.

Buddha seat

Relax at the beginning of the recovery gymnastics. Sit upright in the tailoring seat on the floor, close your eyes and concentrate completely on your body. If you are still uncomfortable due to the birth injury, look for another comfortable position. Whether you’re sitting, lying sideways, or lying on the couch, you’ll feel comfortable. Listen to your breath, feel your physical changes, listen to yourself. Try to activate the pelvic floor muscles gently from the inside without a movement. Imagine sitting on the toilet and holding the urine jet again and again. Always exhale when the pelvic floor is stretched, breathe in when relaxing.

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