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Reasons why you should dress up everyday

Reasons why you should dress up everyday

Reasons why you should dress up everyday

Dressing up and being someone else has not been around since the invention of the Rose Monday procession. Many thousands of years ago people disguised themselves. They wore masks and costumes for certain rituals and events. For example, at the time when Celts and Teutons roamed the Rhenish forests.

They celebrated wildly in the spring. With loud bouts, animal masks and a lot of spectacle, the Carnival Festival was originally designed to ward off the evil spirits of winter and the good ones of spring should be awakened. This pagan custom remained intact when Christianity entered.

Psychological aspect of dressing up

Nowadays it is more likely to drive away the ghosts of social expectations and order. Because with the carnival transformation, the ‘Jäcken’ parts of their personality come to the fore, which they otherwise hardly live out in everyday life. At least that’s what the Cologne psychotherapist Gerhild von Müller explains.

The Austrian psychologist Sonja Kinigadner sees it even more far-reaching. A mask hides and protects the wearer. Disguising means transforming into another identity – an identity that is otherwise not allowed because of occupation, society, or social status. Some costumes would also be chosen to deal with things that are strange or incomprehensible.

Some even disguise themselves as beings that make you really afraid. And that is probably the case. This is particularly noticeable in Halloween. As witches, ghosts and skeletons you want to scare others.

Sometimes slip into another role, so be like you are not otherwise. So that’s probably the reason why people disguise themselves. Who else is rather shy and reserved, turns up as a superhero maybe times right. Often, a costume is selected that is the opposite of how one really is.

“Carnival is an anarchic festival,” says von Müller. The focus is therefore on freedom, self-determination, equal rights and self-realization. “The rules of everyday life, the clothing code and the communication rules are partially overridden”.

History and occasions for dressing up

Whether you disguise yourself or not, people all over the world disguise themselves on different occasions. In Germany, many people slip into a costume at carnival. In Sweden you dress up on Easter, in Russia on Christmas and in the US on Halloween. Where the events now have cross-border effects, which should probably be clear from the example of Halloween.

In Greek antiquity, costumes were first worn on stage to better portray a role. Masked balls became very popular in the 17th century. And it became fashionable to dress up outside festivals, for example, to remain unrecognized. So a nobleman could mix with the people.


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