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Protein shakes and protein shakes for weight training

Protein shakes and protein shakes for weight training

Protein shakes and protein shakes for weight training

Protein shakes and protein shakes to promote muscle building during weight training: 

If you want to build muscle, you must pay particular attention to the diet. It accounts for approximately 70 percent of the overall success. In particular, the intake of sufficient protein is taken into account.

With protein shakes, the protein requirement can be met quickly and easily. But when and how many grams should be absorbed by a shake?

Protein shakes – ready to buy

Protein shakes can be bought ready-made (as a ready-to-drink liquid mixture) in the store. These are available in many different flavors (eg banana, chocolate, strawberry, stracciatella, etc.), so anyone can easily choose the right one for themselves.

However, it should be noted that these finished shakes are extremely expensive compared to their own preparation. A better and much cheaper alternative is the own preparation.

The own preparation – tasty and cheap

The own preparation is much cheaper and the shake can be made more individual in taste. Especially on the Internet, there are countless online shops that offer protein powder in larger quantities. Here, too, a flavor can already be selected.

As a rule, the protein powder is mixed with water or low-fat milk (1.5%) and stirred to a thin liquid. In order to prevent the formation of lumps, one often uses special “egg whiteshakes”, which have a thin-hole lattice in the interior through which the mass / liquid is repeatedly carried out.

Tip: If you do not like these flavors, you can also personalize the shake. For example, frozen fruit such as strawberries and / or fruit can be combined very well with the powder for flavor refining.

Tips for taking

Right in the morning, the energy reserves for training should be filled up

Immediately after getting up, the energy reserves of the body are often used up. For muscle building fast protein must be provided. The intake of a protein shake is therefore recommended directly in the early morning.

In this case, Whey protein should be used. Whey protein has the special property that it can be absorbed directly by the body and does not have to be processed first.

It is recommended to use 30 to 40 grams of the powder as an ideal intake, depending on the protein powder (you will usually find exact information on the packaging).

Tip: Alternatively, you can also grab a self-made muesli or a self-made porridge to replenish your energy reserves quickly.

Immediately after a workout, a shake helps to replenish the used energy storage and promote muscle growth

It is debatable whether a protein shake is necessary immediately after training. While many studies show that it matters only that the amount of protein added at the end of the day is consistent, many other studies show the opposite.

However, it has been proven that muscle growth is greatest right after exercise. That’s why a protein shake should be taken right after the workout.

Again, a revenue of 30 to 40 grams is recommended. It also makes sense to mix in the protein shake dextrose (1 gram per 1 kg body weight). Thus, the consumed after training energy storage is replenished quickly, causing muscle breakdown is prevented.

=> In order to play it safe and to achieve the best possible muscle growth, this shake should not be abandoned.

Scientifically Proven: Tips for proper nutrition during weight training

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