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Standing, with colourful accents, dishevelled or tamed with gel – the Pony Hairstyle is varied, extravagant and can take on different shapes on each head.

The Pony Hairstyle – Everything, just not a boring look for good girls

The pony is a hairstyle in which the hair is styled or cut so that it covers the forehead, leaves the eyes mostly free and falls longer on the sides. Therefore, this hairstyle is also often titled “Stirnfransen”. The cut edge of the pony can form a straight line or run asymmetrically, ie obliquely over the forehead. A pony can be found in numerous variations:

  • full Pony
  • wave Pony
  • Curl Pony
  • strands Pony
  • French pony
  • Pony role
  • Frans Pony
  • Angular Pony

A look at this long list makes it clear: the pony is a veritable all-rounder and can be combined with countless styling, hair lengths and types. So not only women with long natural curls can grab the pony hairstyle, but also ladies with chin-long hair. In these, for example, offers the bob with the pony as a styling opportunity.

However, although the pony hairstyles are so flexible, they definitely have to be adapted to the wearer’s face shape. Whether round, oval or angular – each face is different and therefore requires a differently styled pony. For example, heart-shaped faces opt for long hair, slanted side panels, and a fringe-style pony. This allows the hair to play around the face and give it softer contours. Round faces, on the other hand, keep the pony at cheek level, relying on stepped cuts and maximizing its volume at the top of the head for a visually narrower look.

The bob head – 90 years old and not a bit grey

Around 1920, this pony hairstyle was regarded as the outward sign of self-confident, emancipated women and was downright revolutionary cheeky. Nowadays, too, this “old man” cuts a fine figure on the minds of modern women and is constantly being reinterpreted, expanded and refined. It has long since ceased to be as well-behaved and smooth as it was around ninety years ago – the bobbed head of today lives on asymmetrical cuts, fringes and wild styling.

Pony hairstyles – without care threatens quickly the “red card”

Well-groomed hair and meaningful styling are always in fashion. Therefore, the pony hairstyle always wants to be well maintained. Brisant: Since the hair often and long in touch with the forehead and just this game tends to blemished and greasy skin, the pony can quickly soak up and neglected.

However, this can be counteracted with a few small steps. If the planned styling permits, the pony should be blown over a round brush so that the hair does not come in direct contact with the skin. If this is not possible, the hair can be sealed with hairspray – but the pony should not be crushed with too much spray. In addition, the regular degreasing of the forehead with powdered leaves at the wearers of this hairstyle is at the top of the agenda.

Out of the face – the other side of the pony

Actually, it should be styled in the face to unfold its visual effect there. But the pony hairstyle will be in the limelight in 2012, especially when hidden from it.

A noble look is created when the pony is smoothed and screwed on both sides in the at least shoulder-length hair. The tips are then fixed under the top hair with clips. Visually, a centre parting is best shown in this hairstyle. If you prefer it wild, forget the centre parting and to the top hair, while the pony is bundled and incorporated into one side of the mane. This variation is especially useful when the hair is naturally curly and voluminous.

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