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Osteoporosis: warning signs, causes and treatment methods!

Osteoporosis: warning signs, causes and treatment methods!

Osteoporosis: warning signs, causes and treatment methods!

Ladies and gentlemen, osteoporosis is a widely recognized health concern that the world’s population today is facing. To educate you on what is osteoporosis, what causes osteoporosis and what are the osteoporosis diagnosis and osteoporosis treatment options, we have come up with an article to guide you through the basics. We will touch upon every matter concerning osteoporosis for your convenience, therefore please take a look below:

Osteoporosis definition:

what is osteoporosis?

To understand what osteoporosis is, we need to understand what the definition of osteoporosis is.

Let’s now define osteoporosis. The meaning of osteoporosis is basically interpreted as a condition that signifies low bone density, low bone strength and an abnormally porous structure of bones (such as a widened honeycomb structure) which increase the bones’ susceptibility to breakage and fracture. Osteoporosis leads to frequent bone fractures, such as cracking or collapsing of the bones entirely and results in fragile bones.

Osteoporosis occurs in the body due to numeral causes and deficiencies. We’ll try our best to list them down and define them for you:

Osteoporosis causes:

what are the causes of osteoporosis?

There are certain causes of osteoporosis which cannot be prevented because they are hereditary and do not change with lifestyle choices. Osteoporosis generally has more chances of occurrence in women, those having delicate body structures and of the Caucasian or Asian race or ethnicity. A family history of osteoporosis also results in a present cause of osteoporosis. If you are an adult who is involved in cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, who is overweight and tends to spend most of their time in a sedentary state and those with diets with little calcium and protein are generally at risk of developing osteoporosis. Lack of nutritional food consumption and vitamin deficiencies may also cause osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis: warning signs, causes and treatment methods!

Symptoms of osteoporosis:

what are the signs and symptoms of osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is one of the silent killers. It is an underlying issue that doesn’t come into notice and does not have any clear symptoms until and unless the patient experiences a fracture in their bone. Some of these fractures may not even come into attention in years thus there are no proper symptoms of osteoporosis that help you prevent the disease. Osteoporosis can cause hip fractures, fractures in wrists or feet and also in the spine or vertebra. Minimal trauma or stress fractures can also occur. These are defined as being trivial fractures which occur during the course of a normal activity which puts minimum strain on the bones but results in a bone injury. However, it is to be noted that all fractures take time to heal, especially the spine fractures due to osteoporosis which may result in a hunchback appearance due to breakage in the vertebra and the hip fractures which heal very slowly. The osteoporosis symptoms in men are almost the same as the osteoporosis symptoms in women.

Treatment of osteoporosis: what are some osteoporosis medications or treatments for osteoporosis?

Let’s give to you some osteoporosis guidelines as well as some osteoporosis prevention advice.

It is common to check for a fracture through an X-ray however the doctor will recommend a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan (DXA) which will determine the bone density for you. This will determine whether you have osteoporosis or not. The guidelines of osteoporosis prevention start with increasing bone density and reducing bone loss. However, in addition to this, you might also want to bring in a few lifestyle changes such as elimination cigarette, caffeine and alcohol consumption and consuming a balanced nutritious diet every day. You might also deem it important to consume a recommended amount of vitamin C, calcium and Vitamin D every day for healthy bones. You can have your medical practitioner provide you with vitamin supplements for this cause. You might also want to increase your intake of milk, cottage cheese, orange juice and yoghurt to aid in the fight against osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis: warning signs, causes and treatment methods!


As we now know, osteoporosis is a dangerous disease which, as defined above, comes with no symptoms until an actual fracture occurs. Thus it is important to take these precautionary measures for osteoporosis listed above, even for those people who do not suffer from it. We hope that the osteoporosis treatments and osteoporosis medications provided by your doctor after a DXA scan will help to decrease the chances of bone loss due to osteoporosis.

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