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Organ Trade - Organ Donation for the Rich?

Organ Trade – Organ Donation for the Rich?

Organ Trade – Organ Donation for the Rich?

The WHO (World Health Organization) assumes that 10,000 kidneys are being sold worldwide by “living donors”. Some researchers estimate that the actual number is twice as high. Wealthy organ recipients from Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia or the US should pay between $ 35,000 and $ 150,000 for a new organ. The donor himself is paid between 750 and 10,000 US dollars. So for many involved a lucrative business.

Organ trade banned in the EU

Although organ donation to relatives or close relatives is also permitted in Europe and the US, organ trafficking is not. This includes offering, organizing or performing live donations for reward. Reliable evidence of such practices should be available from India, Brazil, the Philippines, Cambodia, Africa and China. But even within Europe there is the suspicion of an organized organ mafia. There are therefore donors from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Georgia and Kosovo.

Dangers of purchased organs

The risk for donors is immense, as they usually have no health insurance. If complications occur, the donor not only loses the promised money. But even the “buyer” carries a great risk, as often necessary preliminary investigations are saved. The result may be that you catch up with the new organ at the same time a life-threatening fungal infection, liver inflammation or HIV.

Organ trade and ethics

“You know how to behave yourself when you are in the situation of needing an organ,” admits Johann Pratschke realistically. Pratschke (transplant surgeon at Charité) and other representatives from 78 countries signed the Istanbul Declaration against Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism in 2008.

“It was an opportunity for both sides. For me the opportunity to return to a reasonably reasonable life; and for him the chance of an existence that he could not otherwise have built, “said the 60-year-old journalist Willi Germund the fact that he bought the kidney of an African.

An “open and honest discussion about financial incentives for organ donors” calls for the long-standing president of the German Society of Surgery Karl-Walter Jauch (transplant surgeon and medical director of the hospital Großhadern Munich).

“Doctors from Cairo call me and tell me we have a private patient here and need this or that organ. It’s like spare parts for a car, “quotes a Bedouin who made an anonymous phone call with CNN.

“The black market for human organs is huge, and destitute Africans are particularly at risk of becoming victims of shabby deals,” says South African specialist in legal medicine Magda Slabbert.

Need for donor organs

The Eurotransplant Foundation, which is responsible for the allocation of donor organs in seven European member states (Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia), provides around 7,000 donor organs each year. The central waiting list currently has 16,000 patients.


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