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For women, organic beauty is a natural and healthy trend. The natural cosmetics offered are based on herbal extracts, oils or dairy products. A yoghurt mask, for example, cleanses the skin. A bath in almond oil and coconut milk provides for its silky shine. Cleopatra already knew that. Today’s numerous and sustainably produced natural cosmetic products combine the natural plant power with modern recipes. After all, the rejuvenating effects of aloe vera and chamomile are not considered a secret. Whether marigold ointment for the hands or walnut oil for the hair – the natural products is on the rise.

Different labels offer natural cosmetics. In the form of lipsticks, creams, hair colours or bubble bath you get the different products. Approved seals confirm that the items contain only natural ingredients. These seals include NATURE, ECOCERT and BDIH. In addition to the basic makeup for various skin types, there are natural cosmetics for specific needs. Special caffeine pins tighten the tissue and prevent dark circles. Lip balm made of vegetable oil prevents chapped lips.

Natural cosmetics for skin and hair

Natural Cosmetics TrendsEspecially for the hair, there are numerous products from the natural cosmetics sector. Shampoo made of pure botanicals promises shine and health of your hair. You benefit from the lack of silicone particles of a carefree feeling on the head. Herbal extracts give you a radiant glow and prevent hair damage. The situation is similar with the natural hair colours without ammonia. Here, ingredients such as eucalyptus and sesame ensure the long-lasting colour intensity. At the same time, the oil contained prevents your hair from becoming brittle or brittle.

For skin blemishes and an uneven complexion, certain facial treatments help. Various beauty salons have some massages and scrubs with natural cosmetics in the program. Others specialize completely in natural products. In addition to type-specific face masks, you will receive herbal cures and mud wraps. These extracts have an invigorating and revitalizing effect on your skin. Plant extracts give the skin sufficient moisture. At the same time, for example, a sea salt scrub cleanses your pores.

Natural cosmetics treatments in the beauty salon

In a corresponding beauty salon, you can enjoy different applications with natural products. For example, on the website you will find comprehensive cosmetic and wellness offers based on natural cosmetics. In addition to relaxing massages, services include manicure and pedicure. In addition, treatments with selected products are available. Natural cosmetics await you

  • a rejuvenation of the neck and face,
  • an improved elasticity of the skin,
  • a visible anti-ageing effect of the tissue
  • as well as a cleansing effect for the entire body.

Eye treatments choose as needed as well as face wraps against wrinkles. The knowledgeable staff will naturally remove bags, dark circles, crow’s feet or forehead wrinkles. You can see the team and the rooms of the studio under the links of the same name. In the blog, you read experiences, tips and interesting information of other users.

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