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Myth or medicine? Eye margins of too little sleep

Myth or medicine? Eye margins of too little sleep

Myth or medicine? Eye margins of too little sleep

Eye rims or dark circles are usually a burden for those affected. Anyone who sees them with someone else tends to say, “Well, how do not get enough sleep?” But is this assumption always correct? In our series Mythos or Medicine we want to get to the bottom of this ‘prejudice’.

Dark eye edges – their formation

The medical reason is that there is too little oxygen in the blood, which causes the fine vessels to constrict around the eye. It accumulates blood and tissue fluid, which appears as a bluish shadow through the very thin skin. Below the eyes, there is extremely little fatty tissue. Especially in lean people, the bone margin shimmers slightly through the skin.

Now we need to get to the bottom of possible triggers for low blood oxygen levels and congested tissue fluid.

Dark eye edges due to heredity

There is a genetic predisposition for dark circles, because the texture of the skin is also due to the genetic material of the parents. Of course, if you have inherited very thin and light skin, you often can not do anything about it.

Eye margins due to diseases

Circulatory problems, conjunctivitis and sleep apnea are diseases that cause dark circles or may favor their development.

On the eyes or the games around the eyes but also deficiency symptoms can be read. Thus, malnutrition or deficiencies of minerals, trace elements or vitamins in the lower eye area. Especially here are zinc, iron and vitamin C to call. Also lack of fluid leads to the same effect.

Especially in women, the dark circles can also have hormonal causes. During the period or pregnancy, many women appear paler. As a result, the veins are under the skin stronger.

“In less than five percent of those affected dark circles have medical causes such as a kidney or thyroid disease,” says Harald Bresser (established dermatologist from Munich).

Blood thinners can cause eye edges

Anyone taking blood-thinning medications such as ASA (acetylsalicylic acid or aspirin) is more likely to get dark circles. Blood thinners dilate the vessels, including those under the eyes. This makes fine veins under the eyes visible as dark shadows.

Eye edges due to unhealthy lifestyle

Not enough sleep, too much alcohol, nicotine and too much sun are also factors that can cause dark circles. Stress and staying in poorly ventilated areas can also cause oxygen depletion in the blood.

If the body does not get enough sleep, then it lacks the time to remove metabolic products via the lymph fluid. This liquid then accumulates under the eyes. It creates dark rings.

Eye margins come from too little sleep – myth or medicine?

Clearly medicine! But it is not the only possible cause. Anyone who suffers from under the eye rings when looking in the mirror


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