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MYOPIA: Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

MYOPIA: Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention


Myopia (short-sightedness) is, besides farsightedness and corneal curvature, one of the most common visual defects. The term myopia is derived from the Greek: Myops means as much as blinking – and actually pinching people, who suffer from myopia, these often together. Myopia causes objects to be seen in the distance only blurred.

In most cases, myopia is caused by a too long eyeball. This can be inherited, but can also be triggered by an early birth. It develops in most cases in the first three decades of life and is also referred to as axis myopia by experts.

Another form of the disease is refraction myopia – in this case, cornea or lens has too high a refractive power. Even in a cataract with a heavily clouded cornea, refraction myopia is not a rarity. Controversy is whether the myopia of the eyes is triggered or favoured by external influences such as too much or too little sunlight, intensive computer work or frequent reading in poor light conditions. Rarely, both eyes are equally affected; in most patients, one eye looks worse than the other. Often it occurs in connection with a corneal curvature.

Symptoms of myopia

The Clear symptom is a blurred vision in the distance . Especially in the night this is expressed at the beginning strengthened. However, patients in the vicinity can recognize patients as normal.

Diagnosis and treatment of myopia

A simple visual test with the ophthalmologist or optician usually gives a clear indication of whether myopia is present. The refraction measurement subsequently determines the exact degree of visual weakness. This is indicated by negative dioptric values, such as -2. The treatments are all aimed at correcting the refraction error so that the focal point of the incident light beams is no longer behind the retina but behind it.

Usually, myopia is balanced with a pair of glasses. Young people in particular, however, are more and more often choosing to wear contact lenses or to have their eyes lasered. The latter methods are mainly preferred for cosmetic reasons – unfortunately, the costs are only taken over by the health insurance in exceptional cases.

laser surgery is becoming increasingly popular to correct nearsightedness in recent times. As with any surgery, certain complications may occur, and the patient may still need visual aids after surgery. Laser surgery is not suitable for all myopic patients. However, special investigations provide a clear indication of whether this method is suitable.

If you opt for contact lenses, you should grab hard lenses. It is true that they are slowly getting used to, but they are far more compatible. Not only soft and hard lenses but also the day, month and year lenses are differentiated. No matter which type of contact lens you choose: hygiene should be the top priority for contact lens wearers. A completely new type of lens is, by the way, the night lens, which at night corrects the symptoms, so that one can see without any tools during the day.

Prevention of myopia

You can hardly avoid myopia, but you should keep your eyes checked regularly. Patients suffering from myopia are particularly susceptible to damage to the cornea – especially for contact lens wearers. These should ensure that the retina is regularly checked. An eye training can not help or prevent your nearsightedness.

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