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Most Common Myths About Alcohol "Review on Alcohol"

Most Common Myths About Alcohol “Review on Alcohol”

Most Common Myths About Alcohol “Review on Alcohol”

Alcohol, the most widely used drug in the world, is a mass phenomenon: praised as a sleep and digestion aid, avoided as a calorie bomb during a diet. Is red wine good for the heart? Does liquor after the meal really close the stomach? In the following article more about myths and errors about the alcohol and what is your turn.

Alcohol and its nationalities

There are many nationalities around alcohol. For example: “A glass of wine in honor can not deny anyone” A saying that seems to take many people to heart, because, according to Stiftung Warentest, very few people in Germany do without alcohol: Only about 3 percent of adults in Germany forgo a lifetime on alcohol. Alcohol should be a good way to fall asleep, promote digestion, protect the heart and naturally lift the mood. What is the purpose of such statements? A high on alcohol? No. Definitely not.

Is alcohol good to fall asleep?

Alcohol has a damping and anesthetic effect because it acts like other sleep medications over similar receptors in the body and thereby the bed heaviness is increased by alcohol. In spite of this, alcohol should not be used as a sleeping agent, since alcohol deteriorates the quality of sleep, which means that the next morning you will not sleep and hardly feel comfortable. Those who try to fight their sleep problems with alcohol are in danger of being quickly addicted. The upper limit for low-risk alcohol consumption in healthy adults is, by the way, a maximum of 12 g of pure alcohol per day in women, equivalent to a standard glass and a maximum of 24 g pure alcohol per day in men.

Is a brandy good for digestion?

So-called digestion snacks after the meal supposedly close the stomach and promote the digestion. A mistake! These so-called digestive liquors do not dilute fat-rich food, as many suppose, but only gastric acid in the stomach, which means that digestion takes much longer to degrade the fat in the stomach. Also herbal schnapps do not help because the herbal effect is lifted by the alcohol contained in the liquor.

Life wine drinker healthier than beer drinker?

This statement can have a truth content, but it is not so much the alcohol or the drink, but rather the lifestyle of the consumer. People who buy wine have more fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, and less butter on the shopping list than those who prefer beer – as scientists found in Denmark, who scrutinized the 3.5 million cash receipts in their study.

Is red wine good for the heart?

Every day one or two glasses of red wine are a life-prolonging measure, so the answer of older people, if asked, with which they keep themselves healthy. But in fact, not the red wine is life-prolonging, but the flavonoids contained in red wine, which are also contained in tea or grape juice, and have a protective effect on the heart. However, there is no life-prolonging effect, according to experts.

Protects a good food base from a noise?

Alcohol intake can actually be retarded if the food intake was previously from a carbohydrate-rich and fat-rich food. This means that alcohol can not get so quickly into the blood, if one has previously eaten extensively and in practice has created a “template” for the alcohol. The alcohol intake can be completed completely within 30 minutes. The alcohol intake is not carried out soberly over a period of two to three hours.

Does alcohol brain cells kill?

Supposedly every spasm should cost us about 10,000 brain cells, it is said. But is that true? Admittedly, alcohol certainly does not enrich us with a high degree of intelligence. That alone is beautiful to be seen, if one tries to lead drunk highly concentrated a serious conversation – one will miserably fail. Trying to put the key into the castle when you come home after a damp, cheerful evening can also be a big challenge. How good that the next morning – accompanied by a headache and an irritated gastric mucosa – left only vague memories of being able to be embarrassed by alcohol, but the alcohol itself left the body. As a result, speech, balance, concentration, and fine motor skills are gradually reduced. Even if the brain seems to recover quickly from the alcohol, the fear is still great to accept the loss of nerve cells. This is not the case: Scientists have indeed been able to observe that the brain mass is lost in heavy alcoholics, but researchers have learned that alcohol is much more gentle to the nerve cells than previously feared: alcohol does not kill the nerve cells, but disturbs them in their communication. Our thinking is thereby slowed down; but happily only during the time of alcoholism. Despite all this, this does not constitute an excuse to drink unrestrainedly. Because alcohol can indirectly harm the brain, namely, because of the high alcohol consumption caused broken liver or vitamin B1 deficiency.

Regular alcohol consumption harms health

The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) points out that regular alcohol consumption harms health. Impairments can be observed in:

  • Impairment of muscular performance
  • nerve damage
  • organ damage
  • Development of overweight (obesity)
  • Development of mental disorders
  • Favoring cancer
  • increased risk of developing a fatty liver
  • increased risk of gastric mucosal inflammation (gastritis)
  • Risk of cardiovascular disease

Conclusion: The glass of wine or the bottle of beer should not be spoiled by this article, but much more should be done to deal with alcohol and should be cautiously drink alcohol in the future. Because: regular alcohol consumption harms health. Alcohol. Do you know your limit ?!

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