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Microblading - the new trend for eyebrow care

Microblading – The new trend for eyebrow care

Microblading – the new trend for eyebrow care

For many women it is part of the daily routine to wash their eyelashes in the morning and apply some make-up. The eye area is very expressive, especially if you set the right accents.

The eyebrows are often ignored. You pluck troublesome little hair with tweezers from time to time, but otherwise some do not know how to contour eyebrows so that the eyes of others are directed to the eyes. The new Trend Microblading provides a remedy.

What does microblading mean and where does the trend come from?

Today, microblading can be done in Graz, Salzburg, Vienna and in many other larger cities in beauty salons, The trend is actually from Japan, where well-groomed eyebrows have always been of particular importance. In recent years, this cosmetic treatment method has come to Europe and more and more women are taking the opportunity to permanently shape their eyeballs. Microblading is a pigmentation method whereby the shape can be determined by the customer. With this technology flexible working is possible and cosmeticians and beauticians can respond individually to customer requests. What is unique is that pigmentation color is applied so finely during treatment that you can no longer determine after completion that this is artificial makeup.

The microblading treatment step by step

For a microblading treatment you should take about 1.5 hours. During a consultation, the details and personal wishes of the customers in terms of shape and fullness of the eyebrows are discussed. Before the appointment you should make preparations to achieve an ideal result:

  • Do not dye the eyeballs 1 week before the microblading treatment
  • Do not use any blood-thinning agents (note that aspirin is also included)
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Many studios also recommend giving up coffee 4-5 hours before treatment as caffeine stimulates blood circulation
  • Do not apply oily products before treatment on the face
  • Exfoliation two days before the treatment removes dead skin cells and smoothes the skin around the eyes

For microblading, beauty salons use specially designed pens and small needles in sterile packaging. With the so-called Blades fine, artificial are first carved into the skin. Then carefully apply the appropriate pigment color. This is a gentle massage to ensure optimal grip. These painted hairs can hardly be distinguished from the real eye-wearers with the naked eye. It only takes around 5 to 10 minutes for wound healing to start and the color to be preserved.

How long does microblading last?

The advantage of permanent makeup is that you do not have to make up every day. This saves valuable time in the morning, which you can spend with a leisurely breakfast. Morgenmuffel can set the alarm confidently a few minutes later.

A refresher of the Microblading is necessary only every three to six months. There is no scratching of the skin, only the color is refreshed. A complete re-treatment is only required after one to two years. Important for the optimal result is the proper care after microblading. The beauty salons are happy to advise and give customers a care instructions and a special cream, which should protect against dehydration.

What advantages does microblading offer?

The treatment is associated with little pain. You can feel only a slight scratches, Micorblading does less hurt than the annoying eyebrow plucking. Other benefits include:

  • The growth of natural hair is not affected
  • The shape is arbitrary
  • The color is long-lasting and hardly changes
  • Daily makeup is omitted
  • The thin blades make precise work possible
  • There are no signs of swelling or scars after treatment


Microblading – the trend from Japan – is ideal for women who value permanently groomed eyebrows. For three to six months after the treatment eyebrows are top-shaped and thus ideally emphasize the eye area. By using the special pen with wafer-thin needles, precise work is possible. The form and abundance can be determined individually by the customer.


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