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10 unconventional remedies for control complaints

Menstrual problems: 10 unconventional remedies to control!

Menstrual problems: 10 unconventional remedies to control!

It happens on average every 28 days: A non-fertilized egg is repelled by the female body and it comes to menstruation. This is often associated with cramping pain in the abdomen and back, nausea, dizziness and headaches. But what helps against the regular pain? We have researched ten methods that they have probably not yet tried against menstrual problems. 

It is the most unpleasant time in the cycle. During menstruation, the mucous membrane built up in the uterus and the unfertilized egg are repelled by the body. The accompanying symptoms are perceived in very different intensities. Some women only feel a slight pull in the abdomen, while other convulsive painful sore throats. Especially during the first two to three days the menstrual complaints are most intense.

Pain during menstruation due to prostaglandins and poor blood flow

The reason for this is the hormone cocktail during this phase. In the uterus, the messenger prostaglandin increases. It causes the rejection of the built mucosa and ensures the contraction of utero muscles. As a result, the tissue can no longer be well-perfused and the cramp-like pain occurs.

Most women suffer from menstrual problems from the first month of menstruation (menarche). The earlier the bleeding begins, the more likely the symptoms are. In older women (over 25 years of age) the pain usually subsides. Also the birth of a child can lead to the control complaints going down significantly.

Primary and secondary menstrual problems

Medicines distinguish two types of regular pain (dysmenorrhea): the primary pain and the secondary pain. In most cases, the menstrual complaints are primary control pain. This means that there is no disease that causes the symptoms. Cramping and co are a natural accompaniment to the rejection of the uterine lining.

There is a gynecological disease in the secondary control pain which causes the symptoms. This may be endometriosis  , a painful proliferation of the uterine lining in other organs. Especially women between 30 and 40 often suffer from the secondary form.

What helps against menstrual problems?

Many women handle the pain during the period similar: hot water bottle on the belly and down on the couch. If you can not simply take off, you are increasingly taking advantage of pain-relieving medications. But that need not be. There are several unorthodox methods of how to get rid of their menstrual problems – without aspirin, ibuprofen and co.

# 1 Movement against pain

Movement is a proven remedy for menstrual pain. A walk in the fresh air, a small jogging circuit or light gymnastics can help to loosen the spasms in the abdomen and relieve the pain. It is important to know what is good. If you do not feel comfortable and do not want to leave the bed, you should do without the sports unit. However, in the case of mild to moderate symptoms, movement can be true miracles. Also, those who exercise sport during the entire cycle can prevent the regular pain.

# 2 Proper nutrition for cramping

Many nutrients have a positive effect on the muscle contractions in the abdomen. Especially magnesium is to be emphasized. If you meet your nutrient requirements and eat healthy and balanced, your symptoms can be reduced during the period. Daily a banana is highly recommended. In addition to a lot of magnesium, B vitamins are also included.

# 3 No caffeine, no alcohol, no cigarettes

Many women report that abstaining from caffeine can reduce pain during menstruation. A self-test can show whether even the you caffeine from the morning coffee or the black tea stokes the complaints additionally. Also the consumption of alcohol and nicotine can have a negative influence on the feeling of pain. Here again, a renunciation of some women can have miracles.

# 4 Chocolate against the rules?

A Swiss chocolatier has developed a chocolate specially for women. In addition to a high cocoa content, it contains twelve different herbs, which should relieve pain during menstruation. “Frauenmond” is, however, an expensive therapeutic: the 110 gram tablet hits over 11 euros a decent hole in the cash register. In case of severe menstrual complaints and hot hunger on sweet however a worthwhile consideration.

# 5 All purpose weapon herbal tea

Anyone who is regularly plagued by cramps and pain in the abdomen and back can counteract with different herbal infusions. Women’s coat is a general purpose weapon against abdominal discomfort. Also chamomile, St. John’s wort and goose finger’s herb are suitable for brewing one teas. Several cups of tea should be drunk daily. But be careful: preparations with St. John’s Wort can have an influence on hormonal methods of prevention . A treatment should therefore be discussed with the gynecologist or the pharmacist beforehand.

Which medicinal plants can still help with regular pain, see the article ” Medicinal plants against regular pain ”

# 6 Yoga against regular discomfort

Yoga is an excellent way to combat menstrual pain. While complicated positions over the head and power-supporting positions should be dispensed with, exercises that stretch the back and belly can have a cramping effect. One possible position is “the pendulum”: They lie down on their backs, stretch their arms over their heads and pull their legs to their tummy. Then slowly swing the legs to one side and hold the position. In doing so, breathe deeply and deeply. Repeat the movement on the other side.

# 7 Electricity against pain in the abdomen

A few years ago, researchers have developed a method to prevent abdominal discomfort with light electronic impulses. The devices (eg “Livia”) look like an MP3 player and are clamped to the pantsbund. Two electrodes are placed on the abdomen – at the level of the ovaries – and transmit the pulse. It is not painful, users report a slight tingling sensation on the skin. The impulses stimulate the nerve cells in such a way that the painful conduction to the brain is interrupted. The result: the pain should disappear at the push of a button. The devices are available online and cost between 80 and 150 euros.

# 8 Acupressure against the pain        

Anyone who does not want to spend money on the therapy of the regular pain can try it by stimulating certain acupressure points. An energy point sits on the inside of the lower leg, about one hand below the knee. If abdominal pain occurs, it can help to massage this site over several minutes and apply light pressure. A trained therapist can carry out the acupressure expertly and show the person concerned how best to be able to hand himself in case of acute complaints. Especially for the first application, the knowledge of a specialist is very helpful. Those who have mastered the technique during the period can stimulate the body several times a day and thus let the pain subside.

# 9 Acupuncture for menstrual problems

Acupuncture has a similar effect in the case of regular pain. The fine needles are attached to abdomen, hands, legs, feet and ears in abdominal complaints and irritate the nerve pathways of the body so that the pain subsides. The acupuncture takes about 30 to 60 minutes, then the needles are removed. The pain can disappear after six to ten sessions. Big advantage: some health insurance funds are available for treatment. A call at checkout in advance is recommended.

# 10 Sex during the period

It sounds a bit paradoxical but sex during menstruation can help alleviate the discomfort. The reason for this effect is simple: after the traffic and above all after an orgasm relaxes the uterus muscles. In addition, lucky hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin are released, which relieve pain and contribute to the overall well-being.

Conclusion: Generally, everything is relaxing

In principle any form of relaxation is helpful against menstrual problems. Warmth and rest are a good combination against convulsions and pain, but also good society and laughter can have a positive effect on the body. Psychological and physical stress usually intensify the symptoms during the bleeding and should therefore be avoided. However, if the pain is severe, the tips listed below help to keep agile and fit through the day.

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