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Meditation – The healing power of the inside

Meditation – The healing power of the inside

Meditation is a state of absolute mindfulness. One is in its midst, calm, clear, present. Stress and bustle have no chance. They continue to be part of everyday life, but do not throw them out of the way. The perception is changing: by yourself and the situation in which you are. Meditation collects and calms the mind. It also has a positive effect on health. The immune system is strengthened. Pain is relieved. According to recent research, it is even to influence the cell plane and slow the aging process. Learn about what meditation does, what kinds of meditation there are, and how you can learn to meditate.

What is meditation originally?

Meditation is the spiritual path in all religions. Form and exercises differ. The goal is the same: silence, emptiness, unity with the Divine. Meditation is not only available in the Far East, such as Buddhism and Hinduism. They also exist in Christianity. There it is called contemplation: the silent prayer. Meditation expands consciousness from the habitual self to a larger, supersonic unity. It is a religious practice.

Meditation – just a relaxation method?

Today, meditation is equated with relaxation methods such as progressive muscle relaxation. But it is more. Meditation has a much greater benefit than “just to relax”. The US is a pioneer in the study of meditation and its impact on health. In many clinics, aside from the school medicine, mindfulness meditation is a standard. Neuroscientists have been conducting studies for over 30 years, with exciting results.

How does meditation affect the mind?

The first thing you will be aware of is what and how much you think the whole day. In the head it goes to as in the Affenkäfig. There is little room for clear and creative thinking. When meditating, the Affenkäfig is not negatively evaluated. No judgments are made at all. Nothing needs to be combated. What is not perceived as disturbing and not combated, also gets no more energy. It is no longer important. Then it becomes quiet. This emptiness is redeeming. Finally rest in the box. And then comes the clarity. Suddenly you know the solution, you know a way out, feel exactly what you want and what certainly no longer. That sounds tempting. It is also “dangerous”. For genuine clarity requires something, which we often fear in the deepest: draw consequences. Change.
If in the everyday life the Affenkäfig again the upper hand was to get, always more rapid distance to it. It is there, but the inner peace pole becomes stronger, in the middle of the greatest daily grind.

What happens in the brain?

A whole lot. In the almond core is our anxiety center. In traumatized people and panic the center is enlarged and its activity increased. After 8 weeks of daily meditation, its size and activity are reduced. In another area of the brain, the size of two areas determines whether the glass is half full or half empty. Meditation causes the brain percentage of positive expectation to grow, and much more. The amazing thing about meditation is that it is not only permanent but permanent.

How does meditation affect mood and feelings?

Meditation provides lasting improvement in depression and reduces the frequency of relapses. Not only is the mental disorder improved, self-confidence also grows. You are not only spiritual, but also emotional in the here and now. Feelings are perceived deeply, without being held in the long term. Life goes on and on. The quiet, inner witness remains. Above all expectation, loss and failure, for which there is no real reason at the moment, dissolve.

What effects does meditation have on physical health?

Meditation reduces susceptibility to stress-related disorders. Stress weakens the immune system and favors chronic inflammation. Meditation does the opposite. Signs of a stress situation is the messenger cortisol. In the case of meditators, he does not increase as much as he can with stress and falls off again faster. Inflammatory reactions are diminished and existing inflammations recede faster. With regard to cancer and other diseases is further researched!
Meditation relieves pain as it reduces the expectation of pain. Fear less, less pain. Meditation is also supposed to affect the telomeres. These are the endings of the chromosomes, which are responsible for the aging and death of man. Chronic stress shortens them faster. Meditation slows down this process.

What types of meditation are there?

Passive meditations take place while sitting, still and without movement. These include, for example, Vipassana, Zazen and contemplation. Well-known active meditations are Hatha yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, martial arts (not as sport, but meditative), dervish dance of the Sufis, sacred dance and the recitation of mantras (sacred words, christian: rosary). The MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) meditation program from the USA is now also known in Europe as a mindfulness-based stress reduction. MBSR includes passive and active parts.

How can you start meditating immediately?

What you need is a quiet, undisturbed place, comfortable clothes and in the beginning 10 minutes time. Sit upright and relaxed. Keep your neck straight: Imagine that your head is suspended from a thread. Shoulders back, place the left hand in the right hand. The eyes are half-closed, the view is directed 80-100 cm forward to the ground, relaxed. Notice how your breath flows inward through the nose and flows outward as you exhale. Stay with your attention all the time by the breath. Everything else is not important. They have thoughts, feelings. That’s fine. There is nothing to do. Just watch your breath carefully. Do the exercise daily, preferably at the same time. Extend the duration to 15 and then 20 minutes.

Where can you attend courses?

At every high school, educational institution, at private meditation centers. MBSR, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Hatha Yoga are subsidized by the health insurance companies.

How do you practice meditation in everyday life?

In addition to practicing a meditation method every day, every action can be meditation. All you need to do is be attentive: showering, combing hair, cutting bread, drinking coffee, etc. Practice your attention as much as you can. It will immediately bring you back into the moment and you have at your disposal all your energy for this moment.

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